Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Worth the Full Thousand Words

What needs to be said...?

Seriously... (typed in my best 'Meredith Grey')

I don't even know how much this outfit was... I just knew that she HAD to have it... I think it must be the cutest one in the last 5 years and 9 months that she's been around... (HOLY CRACKERS!!! 3 months to her birthday... oy...)

Anywho - it's from "Children's Place outlet" and comes in a few different colors. I'm so proud to have added the sweater to the ensem by myself - meaning it wasn't on the mannequin model - AND changed out the displayed pink shirt (slightly off) for the white one. You should know that the shirt has sequins and pearls around the neckline and the skirt is a full circle with a pink crinoline and pink sequins in the middle of some of the daisys.

Oh, that they carried it in my size... (sigh) Several mom's that saw it commented on how cute she looked and wished the same for their size as well. I quickly advised them not to mention it - lest her matching pink and white embroidered headband snap in two.

This photo was taken on the first day of our homeschool Co-Op classes and she's taking "Fitness in the Faith" - thus the dirty sneakers... Before we left that morning, I told her, "be careful... you don't want to hurt someones feelings by being all flitty in your new outfit... How would you feel if you went to a party and everyone had on their princess gowns and you were wearing jeans??"

She replied, "I might feel a little sad..." (accompanied by a hair flip while glancing sideways into the mirror)

Help us all...


  1. Yes, that outfit is about the most darling ever!! I'm glad you posted a pic of your princess in it. It's soooo her.
    She's hilarious!

  2. "all that and a bowl of cherries"..I see momma has shed another pound, YEAH~ your headed straight down in the right direction! ~Dawn :0)

  3. She's just adorable - pretty in pink!


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