We're lacto-ovo (nothing with a face or mother) vegetarians at our house. Well... the babies and their daddy are... I'm a work in progress...  I'm more of what they're now calling a "flex-itarian".

Some folks are confused by this and when we tell them we're vegetarian they usually ask, "do you eat fish or chicken?" I always have a hard time not breaking into a long lecture on the food pyramid at that point teaching them that a fish is not a vegetable. We do eat dairy and eggs and yes, even the occasional (GASP) gelatin. 

So that's what you'll find here in our favorite recipes. Vegetarian foodstuffs. Don't be misled - just because it's vegetarian doesn't  by any means indicate that it's particularly healthy!

Raw Cranberry Salad 
Reuben Sandwich (WARNING - Flex-itarian Recipe...) 

"Love" in a Pan (sometimes called "Better'n S*x" but this is a family friendly blog...)
Red Hot Cinnamon Popcorn
Shortcakes & Fresh Whipped Cream
Simple Syrup

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