Friday, September 11, 2015

Does a Bear Blog in the Woods?


What's it like to come off a two year sabbatical from blogging?
I guess we'll see. Maybe a little like a bear coming out of hibernation. Where's the tree to scratch my back on...? and the berries... dipped in chocolate?

A lot has happened around here in the last two years...not all of it good...some of it really pretty stress inducing... like sending my first homeschooled kid off to a boarding high school (for awhile), sitting bedside for a month then eventually losing my mom-in-law, taking on the role of caregiver of my father-in-law, dealing with some pretty serious teen rebellion, getting our firstborn done with high school and off to college...then back again six weeks later... Dorm Room Makeover
Academy Dorm Room After Comfort of Commitment
54 Years of Comfort and Care Mom's Celebration of Life
Mom's Celebration of Life
  But there's been some pretty exciting and joy inducing stuff too. There have been lots of church activities and opportunities for service, some major holiday and birthday celebrations with the people I love the most, a pretty significant diy kitchen remodel for a ridiculously low price, a few wallet friendly weddings and showers for friends, lots of budget conscious travel, several tasty new food concoctions, some major room makeovers on a dime, a new puppy, and even our own 25th wedding anniversary and vow renewal just this summer. Rustic Vintage Backyard Wedding Reception
Rustic Vintage Backyard Wedding Reception DIY Kitchen Makeover on tiny budget
My DIY Kitchen of My Dreams on a tiny budget Surprise Funky Vintage Teen Bedroom Makeover
Surprise Funky Vintage Teen Bedroom Makeover Burlap & Mason Jar DIY Wedding with Paper Flower Accents
Burlap and Mason Jar DIY Wedding with Paper Flower Accents Wedding Cake with Paper Flowers for 125 guests for less than $100
Wedding Cake for 125 for less than $100 with Paper Flower Accents 25th Anniversary Vintage Vow Renewal
25th Anniversary Backyard Vow Renewal Aqua & Orage Lunch with the Author of Mama Needs A Do-Over
Mama Needs a Do-Over Luncheon with Author

I've put off returning to blogging until I had things "just right". Trying to decide whether or not to dip into my tiny savings and hire a Pro to redesign my blog, frustration over the elimination of the offline blog editor I had been using successfully, reserving a spot with another blog host, but then not knowing how to make the leap, so it was just easier to put off the re-entry. Until now. I just can't pass up a good anniversary date. And all hibernations must come to an end. Black Bear siting at Cade's Cove in Tennessee
Out of hibernation looking for a back scratch.
So... if you don't expect it to be pretty and flashy maybe you won't be disappointed. My hope is that you'll find at least a few Pin-able ideas and how-to's in the near future. I'm just here to help.

Thanks, mom and my other reader, for sticking around and not deleting this bookmark. (Do people bookmark sites anymore???)  I'll try my best not to disappoint.

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