Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ho Ho Humbug

I’ll admit it, I’ve had a really rough time getting into the spirit of the season this year. Normally this isn’t an issue at all, in fact, I usually have to talk myself out of putting up my tree before Thanksgiving and it’s generally a rush to drag out the boxes before the turkey day plates are even cleared from the table.

That hasn’t been the case this year. 

We’re now almost two weeks into December and the “big day” is just two weeks away and I’ve only barely  just gotten my main tree put up. Yes, main. I’m skipping the other six this year.

I’m not sure why I’m so behind in my excitement this year. I’ve done all my shopping and nearly every gift is wrapped, I’m co-hosting a party this weekend and I’ve been belting out Christmas carols for six weeks, but I’m used to being much more excited by this point.

I suppose it could be because of all the gloom and doom chatter, you know, with the world ending several days before Christmas and all… but I really think it’s all because my pre-lit Christmas tree wasn’t this year. That’s right, I had to take a step back in time to 2007 – the last time I had to string lights on a tree myself rather than just plugging it in. It was humbling and horrible. My cuticles and forearms are still recovering.

I think the worst of it was pulling off the burnt out lights so the entire tree could be re-lit. Well, I exaggerate – not the entire tree… there was one string of lights still working.

So Much For A Pre-Lit Tree via The Other End of the

Eventually we got to this point

Tree Lights Making Progress via The Other End of the

And finally got the whole.thing.done.

Almost Christmas via The Other End of the

Just in the nick of time for my baby sister’s big 4-Ooh birthday celebration at our house last weekend. Somehow she doesn’t look a day over 12 to me.

The Big 4-oh via The Other End of the

I must say, now that the featured d├ęcor item of our holiday is complete it’s much easier for me to get excited about Christmas.

I'm Dreaming of a White and Black Christmas via The Other End of the
Black & White Christmas Gfts via The Other End of the

But I’m REALLY not looking forward to taking it down and putting it all away in another two weeks or so. We just may keep it around until Valentine’s day…

How about you? Are you caught up on the “spirit of the Season” required to pull it off?
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