{Our Homeschool}

Homeschooling was not something I "always knew I'd do" or even planned to do, but I remember my parent's suggesting it for our kids on several occasions when our first was just a baby. I didn't think it would ever work for me since I'm probably a great poster child for Adult ADD. We've been a homeschool family for nearly 12 complete years now. We got into it quite by accident and probably not how most homeschooling families make the choice.

I "only" have three kids and don't plan for any more to darken my doorstep - I don't think this body can handle it. I don't build cabins in the backyard, soak celery stalks in red food color, or allow the kids to take apart the television set to see how it works. I have no desire to weave my own fabric, grind my own flour or bake my own bread (unless that stuff in the box baked in my bread machine counts.) You'll likely never see me in a denim jumper or Birkenstock sandals, my hair won't grow much past my shoulders and I can't stand the smell of patchouli oil.  My kids don't milk goats, grow their own vegetable gardens or produce award winning films, but they make dinner, clean the bathrooms and enjoy making Lego movies and their own computer games. We don't wake up with the chickens and delight in sleeping in and "doing school" in our pj's. My kids are all at the top of their class and we fully expect them to graduate right on time with the Thank You Lawdy distinction.

We've found what works for us and right now that's a fully computer-based curriculum produced by Alpha Omega Publishing
Switched On Schoolhouse has been a godsend for us and is just what this ADD momma needed. S.O.S. has simplified the entire process of scheduling, lesson plans and grading. The kids really like it too and they're doing very well. Most days I'm finding it hard to keep up with them and frequently ask them, "where'd you learn that?" The answer is almost always, "school, mom". (Accompanied by an eye roll.)

It seems to be working... Our firstborn was accepted into three different private colleges and received academic scholarship offers from each.

If you'd like more of my opinions on homeschooling, bread baking, S.O.S. or anything else, just holler.
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