Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An American Celebration

It’s the Fourth of July in America, normally the time we celebrate our independence, freedom and the birthday of our young nation. But convenience has stepped in and our big “Fourth” celebration is already over here. In fact, it wasn’t even in July! Our city fireworks were Saturday night, June 30. That kind of rubbed some people the wrong way.

Happy 236th Birthday Liberty

The holiday sneaked up on me this year, but we threw a little tailgate celebration together and headed up to the top of the parking garage downtown. We met up with another homeschooling family and ended up parking next to yet another homeschooling family and in front of a third homeschooling family. Yes, folks, we are taking over the world…

Picnic on the parking garageTailgate party on the parking garage

There was a pretty impressive fireworks display that lasted a good 20 minutes, paid for by the local Iranian businessman that owns several Mexican restaurants around here. That’s America.

Fireworks Collage 2012

It’s a little bit anticlimactic, but we’re having an indoor picnic today with grandparents. It’s still too hot to be outside, but those vegetarian hot dogs and burgers never do very well on a grill, (as if we owned one) anyway.  Fourth of July indoor picnicWe’ll still have all the fixins of a great picnic, hot dogs, burgers, coleslaw, baked beans, chips and dip, root beer and cherry limeade, apple pie and more of those cherry filled cupcakes.Fourth of July Cupcakes American Flag Centerpiece for Church Fellowship Lunch

I collected some buckets from Target’s Dollar Spot and made up some centerpieces to use at our church fellowship luncheon last Sabbath. I decided that I’d keep them for myself rather than making them part of the church stock, so I’ll be using them at home sometimes too. If you think about it, there are really a lot of holidays that could use a red bucket for something.Cheap Patriotic Centerpiece

I hope your celebration is filled with family and friends and that you don’t all expire from heat stroke. Patriotic Front Porch 2012Be safe out there today, drink plenty of water and enjoy your independence! (While you still have it…)Patriotic Porch Pinwheels 2012

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  1. we ended up pulling in right at the beginning of the Ktown works..then went to Fburg to watch there's the church has an outdoor picnic at the year plan to wasn't hot at all. and lots of shade and a big grill ;)


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