Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whaddaya Get?

Another year older and deeper in debt.

It's my birthday.

I LOVE birthdays. I don't care that I'm older - I've loved every age that I've ever been. I don't feel a need to lie about my age. Let me just say here that I'm indebted to my mother that passed me the "no wrinkles" and "no gray yet" genes. She could have been a little more generous with the "flat backside" and "bird-leg" genes, though...

Night before last I went out with some friends. They asked what I wanted to do for my birthday (because everyone is painfully aware that I'm up for a party any time, any occasion) and I opted for a movie - I even offered to bring some cake that we could share afterward. (I re-made the cake that I had last year - only this time with a mere three layers instead of four.)

One friend, that I'm truly grateful to know, made arrangements for us to use the "party room" at our local theater, free of charge - as long as we all agreed to not bring our over-sized purses full of bottled water and contraband soda, but instead buy their waxy cups apparently loaded to the brim with liquid gold.

I almost didn't get to attend, as it seems my babies' daddy thinks I go out often enough, but since it was a birthday celebration (and I had picked up the house a bit) he cut me a break.

As I rounded the corner, arms full of cake, past the ticket taker guy (who, thankfully wasn't there, since I didn't stop to buy a ticket) I caught quite the eye full. Eight or so grown women in pig tails (and one in pink high-top converse sneakers) jumping up and down blowing noise makers and wearing pointy hats.

I have the wackiest and most wonderful girlfriends on the planet.

We got more than a couple of drive-bys in that glass fronted room as we scarfed down cake just minutes before the previews were to begin. Some folks just don't know how to take women in their 30's and 40's having a great time. (All without the use of medication.)

We saw Love Happens, which as it turns out was somewhat of a downer, but we had fun anyhow and wrapped up the evening with a 9 pm stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner. I'd also like to note that I always appreciate waitstaff with a sense of humor - it just makes the meal that much nicer.

So I'm thankful.

Thankful for another year in which to serve
Thankful for an understanding husband
Thankful for Spirit filled, enthusiastic friends that tolerate me
Thankful for cake and presents, and
Thankful for skirts with elastic waistbands.

PS - I don't have any... but I'm told there will be photos at my friend Lisa's blog later today...

ETA: Thanks Lisa, I stole a couple of photos from your blog...

I was awakened (an hour before my alarm... I've forgiven them...) by my three favorite guys in the whole world. As I peered out between my droopy eyelashes I could see the father of my children bearing a plate full of fresh berries, firm grapes, steaming eggs and glazed cinnamon rolls. I was then handed the TV remote and left alone.

After a quick morning trip to the bathroom (where I discovered a dozen red roses, a lovely card and a bag of my most favorite chocolate in the world) we settled in to watch our DVR'd Gray's Anatomy from last week while the kids cleaned the house. (sort of...)

The coolest part of all of this? My wonderful husband is usually at work by 7 in the morning - so it was a real treat to have him home making me breakfast in bed.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

When the Cat's Away

Just to shock you, because you think I've died (again)... a blog post.

Tonight the proverbial cat went away on an overnight flight, and so, dutiful mice that we are, we played...

We started off with a marathon run at Webkinz - visiting each others homes (mine is sooo cool... with matching white sofas in my beautifully tidy living room... a real dream) trading in the trading room, playing games, sending each other surprises... we did this while we watched movies on T.V... a little "Bedtime Stories", then some "Wall-E", and when "Bedtime Stories" came on again we figured we needed a break.

So we went to grab some dinner.

Nope - not to the kitchen... way too easy. We put on our shoes and headed out to IHOP. Nevermind that it was 11:30 at night.

We feasted on pancakes, eggs, hash browns, French toast and Belgian waffles (all with water of course... soda would be over kill.) And my kids, considerate cherubs that they are, didn't even ask for dessert! Imagine! (Could it be the syrupy fruit toppings and whipped cream that came on everything???)

Next we headed to Wal-Mart for a quick trip and picked up a few more plastic bins. We're (and I mean the Royal We here) still re-organizing and stream-lining the closet in our school, slash office, slash scrapbook room.

Finally we headed back home and I offered 50 reward tokens to any kid that agreed NOT to sleep in my bed tonight. Sadly, I only had one taker, and it was the skinniest and smallest of the three...

Don't go ordering my mother of the year trophy yet... we finally wrapped up our party at a little after 1 a.m.

My prayer is that they all sleep in until about noon...
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