Friday, July 6, 2007

On Top of Old Fake Name

I finally got Zachary's 10th birthday invitation done and in the mail.

I decided to use some "old" papers I had bought for a summer page swap shortly before experiencing a life changing hurricane. I never got to participate in the swap - so I had a LOT of papers in coordinating patterns. And cardstock to match! So instead of buying something new I made do with what I had. (straining to pat myself on the back here...)

The cardstock is Bazzill, the patterned papers are Daisy D's from back in 2004, Ink is Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Mustard. The "you're invited" gel stickers are Making Memories - I picked them up at Big Lots for a buck a couple of weeks ago :0) The paint and foam stamps are also Making Memories. The "marshmallows" are cut from craft foam that I chalked with brown and black chalks and hot glued to sticks I pulled from our oak trees. Note: I originally tried the thick glue dots but they didn't hold well at all and I was able to bend the foam around the blob of hot glue so they looked more dimensional rather than thin and flat.
I also used sand paper (inside) and a Making Memories edge distresser (before I inked the edges in mustard) and my Singer sewing machine with a really thick thread.

The verse inside is:
On Top of Old Subdivision name ending in an E
(Sing to the tune of On Top of Old Smoky)

On top of old Subdivision name ending in an E
In the Hill Country
Zack Lastname will be 10
At his birthday party.

The party’s on Sunday,
The fifteenth of July,
Call 555-2286
And give your reply.

We’ll roast some marshmallows
And make some S’Mores
We’d better get started
At half before four.

His house is on Ourstreet
Four-fourteen’s the number
Bring your toothbrush and bedroll
For when we have slumber.

We’re planning to play games
At the Townname arcade,
Eat lots of cheese pizza,
And drink lemonade.

And then the next morning
We’ll fill up your plate
With pancakes and french toast,
Then you’ll go home at eight.
Kinda makes it sound weird when I take out all the "real" info - you'll just hafta trust me that it sounds good :0)


Jacob is thinking faster than I am most days.

Today as I went around the house I kept seeing these signs taped to my walls in various obvious locations. There were about a half dozen of them.
The sign reads:
retern to Jacob

I quizzed him about them and was informed that it was a picture of the button missing from his shirt - it's clear with four holes in it.

He was very pleased to know that I found it in the washing machine a couple of days before. As soon as I replace it for him he can return to buttoning his favorite (orange) polo shirt all the way to the top - as he does all of his polo shirts (his preferred style...)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Let Freedom Ring!

Didn't have much of a fourth today.

We did our traditional indoor picnic (no bugs, no heat) with hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, chips, bottles of pop and dessert - this year lemon pie and strawberry poke cake.

After we headed up the hill past my folks place to view the fireworks. Somebody forgot to tell us the show got cancelled though! We waited in the car 45 minutes before – then stood outside for an hour waiting for it to start… after standing in fire ants we finally decided to call it and went down the hill to mom’s, picked up our poke cake leftovers, FORGOT to bring our little bag of fireworks and came home.

So we don’t even get our $10 show! My Dad checked online and they’ve rescheduled the works for Sunday night – apparently they heard it’s our anniversary then :0)

The page above is from our last fourth of July celebration in Florida - about 5 weeks before hurricane Charley. It's an old layout from long ago - but I like it - it's one of my favorites, simply because I was able to cram so many photos into it - 22 total!
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