Thursday, March 20, 2008

Can You Take It???

So – tell me… how are you feeling about your body and fitness almost a full quarter into this year that you vowed to finally get in shape and lose that weight?

That bad, huh?
Yeah… I’ve been on a bit of a plateau myself, lately. You may have been noticing that that runner wasn’t moving much on my ticker at the right… I didn’t have the courage to move her BACKWARDS! I was below 200 for a day or two and then back above and up and down between 200 and 205-ish for almost 6 weeks. It was pretty discouraging.

But – I kept at the exercise and portion control and FINALLY, in the last 3 days, I’m losing again. But – I’m only losing weight – NOT inches! Well – not any significant inches. I weighed and measured tonight and I’m down 3.2 pounds, but I’ve only had a net 1-inch loss since 1 month ago. I lost another .25 on my bust, .5 on my waist, 1 inch on my lower abs, .25 off each arm, and the rest stayed the same or fluxed up a quarter of an inch or so. For all that work to only lose 1 inch in a month is not making my trips to the elliptical that inspiring. I just keep telling myself the inches must be coming off in places I can’t measure – like my “back hump”.

Something needs to shake up this body of mine if I’m going to meet my 40th birthday goal, and I’d like to inspire you to shake up yours as well! So I have a challenge for you. This is going to be a pretty long post… but hang in there for me…

Two days ago I received an e-mail from regarding the T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge contest. If you've never heard of Teresa Tapp you need to check out the website - seriously... just go do it! There are a buncha testimonials, before and after stories and photos, demos and “try before you buy” downloads. She's a very knowledgeable lady and has gotten lots of public praise and recognition in books (written by others) and fitness and other magazines for her fantastic viewpoint on fitness and how to get there fast (and really...easily). This is the lady the super models use to get them back in Victoria’s Secret runway shape 6 weeks after they have a baby… I have used her exercise system before and seen it work remarkably fast to reduce inches and rev up my metabolism. Even after I quit doing the workouts (because company came to visit and I didn’t want to exercise in front of them in my living room…) I continued to lose inches for 3 more weeks. In fact – at the end of those 3 weeks I was the “smallest” I’ve been since I started having babies almost 11 years ago. Right now I’m almost 5 pounds from that weight. I know they say losing the baby weight is tough – but 11 years is ridiculous don’t you think??? (I’m working to get the rest of this “baby weight” off before my first baby reaches age 11 in mid July… That’s 21 more pounds to my "pre-pregnancy(s) weight.)

In 2006, ABC television did a 1-month challenge just doing the T-Tapp 15-Minute Basic Workout Plus routine every other day. The average loss was 1 clothing size!! EVERY OTHER day for 15 minutes!! Can you DO that???

Here’s the deal. The 60-Day Challenge contest begins on April 11 and ends June 11. That’s just over 3 weeks away. You don’t HAVE to enter the official contest – but I’d like you to at least PRETEND that you’re entering the contest and do all of the “before, during and after” photos and measurements as requested – following the contest rules that are at this link. You don’t have to share them with me or anyone else (unless you’d like to) but you should take them for your own motivation. It’s really helpful to have photos to compare – as you lose slowly it’s hard to really SEE it in the mirror sometimes. Photos give you that perspective you need for encouragement. Of course, looser clothing is motivating as well...

You don’t have to be morbidly obese (like I was) to qualify for this contest/challenge – you can just get healthier, or firm up too. Believe me…you can’t help but firm up. You’ll notice a difference FAST. With Teresa's workouts you can even "spot reduce" (that mythical weightloss dream...) This is open to older folks that have more difficulty moving, men and young people as well. (Note that Teresa has developed workouts for those needing rehabilitation after injury, and those with limited range of motion due to arthritis, back and knee troubles, and just plain gettin’ old. In addition to the “chair” and “broom support” workouts, there are closed captioned and deaf interpreter workouts also.)

I wanted to add a note about her technique - In the workouts I have used, there is NO annoying music to grow quickly sick of, NO running or jumping up and down (you’d be amazed at how arm movement can get that ticker pumping) NO free or hand weights required to kick it up a notch, and NO skimpy or thong workout-wear visible. (Sorry if that was going to be your motivation, guys…) It doesn’t require a huge amount of floor space for running or jumping around either.

Here’s the reason I’m going to do this: I figure – what have I got to lose? I’m down 54.5 pounds and know I’m going to finish well – ain no way I’m turning back now – even though you’ve seen me eating dessert or truffles now and then… Again – all things in moderation. I’m going to use these 60 days to do something different. I’ll be cutting out my weight machine workouts at the gym and only doing the T-Tapp workouts and then some time on the elliptical or treadmill after for 20-30 or more minutes. (You could walk outdoors or in a mall if you don’t have access to an elliptical or treadmill. Spring is here and being outside will be pleasant again. This is the weather you’ve been putting your exercise off for!!!) I’ve been going to the gym 4 or 5 days a week and I figure I’ll cut back to 3 or 4 day there instead – doing my T-Tapp in the comfort of my own home.

I’m ordering my workouts later today. I’m getting the Total System DVD which includes Total Workout instructional videos, the 15-minute Basic Plus workout and the Total Workout without the instructions at the regular pace. PLUS the CRT Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening System, brush and instructional DVD. I’m anxious to try CRT brushing… they say those that have just had babies or lost a lot of weight notice a difference in sagging skin as well as cellulite removal. I’m hoping it works on those that just had babies 10+ years ago… :0) There are numerous other bonuses that come with this package that I’m not listing. The retail value of this package is $330 – but right now it’s being offered for $145. BUT if you purchase Teresa’s book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, for $16.95 you can utilize the one purchase 30% off coupon and get the works for $126.45 including shipping WHEN YOUR ORDER BY PHONE. You must order by phone to use the coupon instantly. That’s why I have to wait until later today… since it’s too late tonight or early this morning. The company (Better Body Basics) is in Safety Harbor, Florida, so watch for the business hours in the Eastern Daylight time zone.
(Note after I ordered: I've learned that business hours are 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. EDT and my total was $126.45)

OK. If you’re still awake… What do you think??? Are you with me??? Don’t make me do this alone – you can DO this! Don’t let the big price tag scare you either – you can get the 15 Minute Basic Plus Workout for $39.95 plus $8 flat shipping. There are other workouts available for a lot less also – I just want the whole kit and caboodle this time. I have many supplemental videotapes and know what I like already. My original workout VHS is worn out too.

So let me know – I want you to be successful and feel better – and FAST :0)

Pray about it and then write, call or comment and tell me you’re climbing aboard my motivation train. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader :0)

Note to self: Now you’ve written all this down and you’re accountable for it… yikes!
PS - I totally forgot to mention this part! When I did this system before and lost all those inches... I WASN'T DIETING! Just more aware of what I was eating but nothing like I'm doing now... But the workout revved my metabolism SO MUCH that I was still losing weight and still eating pizza and ice cream. You really can seriously do this...


  1. I'm in..why not, just ordered the DVD set with the extra stuff.

    The alfa supplement and brushing stuff is also available in town, save some monies this way.

    Let the "games" begin!

  2. you know - I have a DVD - will have to dig it up. I know it works -- but just need to do it.


  3. You are a great motivator, Sis! Just your success alone, speaks for itself. I will take your challenge to atleast do something new to change my life!


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