Monday, March 3, 2008

Typical March Day in Teckus

It's a lion - March has come in like a lion here in Teckus... (Michaela speak for Texas.)

Days ago it was in the 80's and the sweaters were ready for a final wash to be put away for the next year. When I went to bed last night (at about 2:00 a.m.) the temps were in the 60's - and apparently dropping fast. By 9 a.m when I was leaving the gym the wind was whipping something fierce and the temps had dropped 25 degrees since 4 a.m.

So we're staying inside... snuggled close to the space heater in our schoolroom/office. Even the dog knows what's important!

But just because it's cold and windy outside doesn't mean you can't still be a princess inside. Attitude is everything...


  1. Love that dress ;0) It like her wear it when ever possiable, allot like her girlfried, my dd.

    Welcome to crazy Teckus weather!

    Dawn :0)

  2. This weather is CRAZY!!!! I am tired of switching wardrobes, I hope we can get some consistent weather soon!!! I am so glad to see she has her priorities straight.....a princess is a princess!!!!

  3. That girl is as girlie as they get. I liked today's outfit even better. Man, I wanted to wear it it looked so pretty, feminine and fun to walk in!

    I hate this part of the year in regards to clothing. I want to put all the unnecessary stuff away, but I know as soon as I do, we'll have a late freeze. My 'nesting' is pushing this desire even more.

    cute pics!


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