Friday, April 29, 2011

Best of Luck, Will & Kate

I’ve only had 5 hours sleep in the last three days but I just had to pop in this morning and wish you a happy Royal Wedding day.

The Union Jack is flying off the porch alongside Old Glory andDSCN0524 we’re fairly buzzing with anticipation inside. 

Our first party is this morning at 11. My almost 9 year old daughter and I are co-hosting a Wedding Brunch for 7 of her favorite friends. It just so happens that the mothers of these young ladies are dear friends of mine so it works out smashingly for the both of us. (Note that I’m typing with my British accent… I’ve been practicing all week long and my children fear I’ve gone round the bend.)

Yesterday our local paper came by to take some photos for a small piece on what’s happening around town to celebrate the wedding. It DSCN0501was a real crunch time, but with the help of my lady in waiting (read: super friend that came to do everything from ironing to driving nails and then taking most of these photos for me) we finished making the tablescape just in time for the photo shoot.

Michaela was so excited before bedtime she was hovering above the ground. I expect there will be a nap this afternoon as she didn’t get to sleep until well after 1 AM and then was up to see Catherine take her ride to the Abby and marry!

This isn’t exactly what the table looks like now – it’s been reset without the antique linen tablecloth and teacups but both will return for the Sunday afternoon High Tea and Reception for a few of my “big girl” friends.


The fairycakes are from a local bakery, The Sugar Plum Tree Bakery. At the last minute I decided to have them done instead of making them myself. I’m so glad I did – don’t they look just scrummy!


I wanted to leave the little girls with a memorable favor from the occasion and I settled on these sweet tiara napkin rings.DSCN0520
I very clearly remember watching Lady Diana and Prince Charles marry  nearly 30 years ago. It wasn’t a tea or even brunch (at 2 in the morning). My mom and I sat in lawn chairs watching a borrowed TV (since there wasn’t a place to put the TV in our “formal” living room at the time). Now I’m making the same sorts of memories with my daughter and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

Have a festive day and I’ll be back in a few days with all the details from both parties (and the guest bathroom reveal! YAY! I got it done and I love it!)

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  2. Looks like lotsa fun. I shared an anniversary with Charles and Diana so have some of the same memories and feelings. Too bad their marriage didn't last (mine is still going strong). Better luck to Kate and William.

  3. Oh this looks lovely!! How fun having all of the girls over to celebrate the wedding :) My mother-in-law threw me a fantastic tea party this morning at 6am..I made it in time ;) I'd love for you to check it out!

    Happy Weekend!


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