Friday, April 22, 2011

Enter A Post Title (or not if its been a long week…)

First I must apologize for leaving most of you hanging for the last couple of days. I’ve been very distracted with a couple of things – my bathroom makeover and getting ready for our Resurrection (Easter) weekend activities.

I’m TIRED. Almost too tired to write this little post – but I have to tell you about the winner of my bitty giveaway last week.

Cindy won with randomly drawn comment number 13 which was a tweet! Please don’t ask me to explain Twitter… I do have a Twitter account and I do follow some tweeters but that’s as far as my understanding goes. I desperately need some teenaged person to explain the whole thing to me. Pretty much what I already get is, the little birdy is cute. Beyond that I’m lost.

Well – congratulations, Cindy! Your prize went postal a couple of days ago and pretty soon you should be enjoying your own little cuppa.

I’ll take a much needed break now and cease my work for the Sabbath. The bathroom remodel can wait until the sun sets in the western sky again. I’m making progress but it’s very slow. The dining room is done and I’ll share what I did there soon. By the end of this coming week I hope to be done in the guest bath. Really I do… I have a couple of days worth of company that would probably prefer there be a door on the bathroom if they need to “go”.

I wish you and your family a blessed weekend focused on the One who gave Himself for you.

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  1. You don't need a teenager to explain it. You need me. :-) I'm a twitterholic. Follow me (if you're not) and you'll be twitterhappy in no time! Thanks for the fun giveaway!


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