Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bloom Where You’re Planted

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This is a little tiny project that I took on Monday morning. It’s not done yet, but there is significant progress. I accomplished this much in about 15 minutes – literally doing it in my bathrobe on the back deck while calling to the kids to rise and shine through the open kitchen door.

Remember the cracked flower pot on the table on my porch? DSCN0318
This is it so far… (“so far” because I’m not quite done yet… It needs some more embellishing.) Currently it says, “Bloom! (please…)”DSCN0369
DSCN0366Chalkboard paint is THE fastest drying paint on the planet. Well, except for maybe liquid paper. Seriously – this was DONE in 15 minutes WITH the plant transplant included.

I can’t believe how quickly I finished this and without a drop of paint on my hands or even my work paper!

I’m going to have to practice some serious restraint to keep myself from covering every surface in my home with chalkboard paint… In my ambitious mind’s eye I envision several really cute items going into the the (coming) Etsy shop with this stuff on it…

DSCN0370I’d love to give you the glowing report of my “before and after bathroom and dining room challenge”. Wouldn’t that be great? Yeah, well… I think so too. But it’s not even close!

In case you missed it, on Sunday I decided it was time for a little makeover in my dining room and guest bathroom. I have made some progress – The first thing I did was whittle down the job just a bit. (While at the same time increasing it exponentially…) I scrapped my idea for crown molding in the dining room for right now. When I figured that I could buy crown molding for about $50 or buy two gallons of paint for the bathroom for about the same I decided painting was going to make the biggest impact. 

I spent about an hour in the paint department of my local Home Depot looking at hundreds of little paint chips trying to decide what color to paint the bathroom walls and cabinet. I finally decided on two yummy shades of yellow. Which just happen to be the exact colors I picked for my living room 5 years ago. I’m not exactly sure what that says about me…

I did accomplish a little more. I managed to pick colors for my master bathroom and bedroom as well. I know, I know… that wasn’t part of the plan. Well, Plans change. As soon as I scrape together a little more moola I’m headed into the “master suite” for a little revamp. Currently the walls are a dark taupe in the bedroom and a slightly lighter red than the dining room in the bathroom. According to all the psycho babble I’ve read those are not  cheerful or restful colors. I won’t tell you all my plans right now, but my hint is “vintage spa”…

I’ve begun the prep work by tucking all the decorating tidbits away and removing all the cabinet hardware on the cabinets and and screws and nails out of the walls with the plan to fill all the holes and start over fresh. Hopefully I’ll be able to move beyond the prep work today between homeschool co-op classes, park time and mom’s meeting tonight. (THE best night of the month!) I’ll keep you posted!

And one more time now…
Don’t forget to enter my little giveaway! Enter by midnight tonight! Click here for that post.

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  1. SUPER cute...now I wanna buy a can of that and get cracking myself :)

    Have a great day!!!

    :) Heather

  2. The flower pot looks great. I love it! I can't wait to see the new and improved bathroom! Lisa~


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