Sunday, February 27, 2011

Renovations & Predictions

I’ve been cleaning up a bit today – right here on the old blog-o-roo. If you take a look right under my page header, (which I hope to update soon) you’ll see some tab headings. I’ve been a busy girl… it’s almost like making 4 or 5 new posts all in one day! Can you stand it? Check it out when you get a chance… it might explain some things you’ve wondered about. Or not.

The Oscar’s are on here in America in about half an hour. (Did you see how I said, “here in America” like I have a bunch of international readers… hee hee…) I’m watching the pre-game show marveling at the gowns and wondering how many of those women are wearing some sort of duct-tape.

I’ve actually seen 5 of the 10 nominees for Best Picture and enjoyed most of them. Likethe_kings_speech2 everyone else, I’m predicting The King’s Speech to clean up. It was a great movie – I actually saw it twice this week – crazy.

When we left the theater after my first viewing I told my husband that I really liked the movie and felt like I had been born in the wrong country – I should have been born a royal… He assured me that I had in fact been born a royal… a royal pain in the…. well… you know.

Though I thought the movie was really well done, it’s not a movie for teens – unless you edit out the two scene where the language is pervasive. I think I’ll take a shot at that for my oldest when it comes out of DVD.

You probably didn’t know that I actually have an Oscar. We’re snuggled up together watching the show tonight…Sept 2010 004

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  1. I wish you would have shown a picture of your Oscar in his little jacket. He would have won best dressed. Lisa~


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