Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Countdown to Co-Op

Our homeschool Spring Co-op session starts this morning. We’re all a-twitter with excitement. We’re gonna get socialized some more!!!

The sad reality of it is – the socialization is more for the momma thanNovember 2010 166 the children. (sigh) Yes… I’m doing it more for me than for my kids.  I just love seeing my mom friends – so I make sure we have to be at Co-op by signing up to teach a class each session. “Sorry kids… mommy’s teaching so we HAVE to go…”

It’s a supreme sacrifice, I assure you. First it’s like taking 18 promising102_7632 school days right off the top of our year’s schedule and crowding all that learnin’ into the rest of our distracted days. It’s like a beautiful 3 and a half week school vacation all stretched out.

Then there’s the early mornings required. Usually there’s not much stirring around here before 7 or 8 in the morning unless it’s leftover from the day before – and I ALWAYS make it a rule to be in bed before 6… AM. You’d think I was sending these kids off to a labor camp when I ask them to be up by 7 AM and out the door (completely dressed withNovember 2010 165 the stink washed off and smiles on their little round faces. Okay.. I usually give up on the smiles thing – but I insist that the dragon breath be gone.) Most days around here don’t start until well after the Co-op is half over.

And finally I generally force my children to eat a horrible lunch of cheap Little Cesar’s pizza (if it’s on sale) or shabby bean burritos so we can rush off to the park and continue the socialization afterwards. We forfeit dietary stability for conversation in the sun.November 2010 169

Yes… Tuesdays for the next 9 weeks are pretty much shot. But we’ll have fun and learn some things from some other more organized and committed mothers that I hadn’t thought of. Perhaps they’ll be things like, don’t put stainless steel mixing bowls in the microwave. Wish I’d thought of that one and mentioned it a day or two earlier. RIP sweet microwave… we’ll miss thee and thy nuking ways.

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  1. HI! Found you on the HIP HOP! I LOVE your post today....really made me giggle....the kids want to know why? They think some of the things we do are just for them...hahahaha! Your last comment..about the pot in the microwave..my son heated up my coffee on morning...NOT in the cup...in the Stainless steal pot. ouch! No damage to the house, micro doesn't work....so, we have been without one for 5 months...and I don't miss it!
    I am going to enjoy following your blog! Thanks for linking up today!

  2. Oh, Rebecca! How are you living without a microwave??? I'm beginning to think we need to eat out from now on... But my husband emphatically dissagrees with me on that...
    Thanks for stopping by :0)

  3. Oh noooooo! Bye bye microwave....
    The thought of a homeschool co-op sounds soooo good to me. Well, not me having to prepare a lesson for a bunch of other kids (haha), and maybe not the having-to-be-out-the-door-early part so much...but the other parts sound like fun!

    Visiting you from the HHM Hop!

  4. How fun for them with a few great lessons too. :) Happy to have found you through HHH today

  5. Awww, you put my little artist on here. How sweet. Your biggest fan, for sure!

    The first co-op exhausted me and I am hoping I get into a groove soon so I don't go around tired every Tuesday afternoon.

    Bye bye microwave. We should have a funeral, maybe serve oven baked goodies. Lisa~

  6. Love your blog! So glad to have found it...

  7. New Follower. Our last session of Co-op starts in a few weeks. The last session is always Dramas. The kids love it.


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