Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Countdown to V-Day Giveaway

ETA: We have a WINNER(s)! www.random.org picked comment #2 - The "sisters (and educators) that grew up in two different generations" over at Waddlee-ah-cha are going to have to share the truffles and each pick a card... It would be interesting to see which sister picks which card.

(Sisters, Contact me with your addy and I'll mail out to you today!  Who knows... you could be licking chocolate off your fingers by tomorrow afternoon...)

They have a sweet little blog with lots to offer, including free printable books and a weekly book give-away. You should definitely check them out - especially if you doodlee-doo want to know what Waddlee-ah-cha means...

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It’s upon us once again – Only 6 days left before that holiday to beat all holidays, the one we live for an long for all year long. The holiday we wish would come around once a month (and truth be known, sometimes it does in one form or another…) The holiday we’re willing to sacrifice our own bodies to… Chocolate Day.

What? You don’t call it that?
Well you should.

I’m celebrating my bloggy move this week with a few giveaways.

Today I want to share one of my favorite chocolates with you.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. Today I want to remind you to change your bookmarks for my blog – I don’t really want to share my chocolate… But deep down I’m a sweetie and feel that everyone should be as addicted to truffles as I am.

V-Day Truffles and CardsI’ll send this luscious bag of Lindor Milk Chocolate / White Chocolate Truffles all packaged in pink for Valentine’s Chocolate  Day and two handmade cards to one blessed winner. The cards are from last year’s collection. If you’d like to see them in more detail or have the directions to make your own just click here.

You have until 11:59 pm Thursday, February 10 to enter. You should receive your winnings on Valentine’s day.
  • One entry for a comment left on this post with the name of your favorite chocolate indulgence.
  • Another entry if you become a follower through Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs through Facebook. (Leave a comment and let me know. If you’re already a follower let me know that too.)
  • A third entry if you share this on Facebook or Twitter. (Again – leave me a comment and let me know you did.)

I’m off to make some sweet treats now. Tonight is our monthly Homeschool Mom’s meeting and, I tell you what, it’s become my favorite night of the month. I never had so many CLOSE girlfriends until I started homeschooling.

Isn’t that crazy? You’d think that I’d be able to establish closer friendships after I dropped my kids off at school and met some other mom for lunch and shopping or pedicures three times a week. But it just ain’t so. There’s a whole lot more bonding going on when you spend every second Tuesday night of the month with other women that are in the same privileged trench that you find yourself in. (And the after-meeting trips to IHOP until 1:00 in the morning cement that bond even more…)

Who better to love on than the women that know what you’re going through and will pray you right through it?

There’s still a little time to enter my giveaway from Sunday. Click here for the S’more giveaway. Come back Thursday and I’ll show you what I made today for my favorite moms (you can make it for the one’s you love) and I’ll  have yet another giveaway…
Today I'm joining the 
Visit to meet bunches of other HS'ing moms! 
(and probably none of them in denim jumpers and birkenstocks...)


  1. Ok, so Lindor truffles are probably on the top of my chocolate list...followed by See's Nuts and Chew, mostly nuts, like me.

  2. Hi, I'm a homeschool mom in the Texas Hill Country too!

    Dropping in from the HHSH.


  3. I don't eat much chocolate, so I guess I don't have a fav.

  4. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for listening to your conscience and letting me know about your Chocolate Day giveaway...I guess the fact that Chocolate is in the title of my blog is a pretty big hint that every day is Chocolate Day for me. My favorite...hum...Dove Dark Chocolate Minis. Perfect for an emergency chocolate fix.

  5. Sara, I really love the new look of your blog!

  6. I just want to tell you that I love that quilted heart!! No need to enter me since I won something already...I'll be nice and leave this chocolate to someone else lol

  7. I LOVE the Lindor Truffles!! White chocolate anything is my favorite but I won't turn down any chocolate!! I'm already following you too..and I shared your blog on facebook.

  8. I'm excited for your blog move. And the chocolate...I blame you for getting me started on those truffles, this I blame you for the 20 pounds I gained last year. Lisa~


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