Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Don't You Just LOVE...

To start your day with a call from the 911 operator?

Ah, yes... My favorite way to snap out of that quiet part of the morning - before anyone has started screaming "that's mine!" or "she's in my room!" or "get off of me! M-ahhhhhhh-m!!! He bit me!"

911 - "Ma'am - this is the 911 operator"
Me - "Oh - Good morning!"
911 - "Good morning ma'am. Did you know your phone line has been open to 911?"
Me - "No... Really? How long was that?"
911 - "About a minute or so."
Me - "Really?... Michaela? (who is pouring milk on her honey-nut scooters) Did you call 911?"
Mack - "NO - not me... " (yeah... right...)
Me - "This has happened to us before - except it was my husband that was playing around with the speed dial while going through his 'morning routine'... I was very surprised to answer the door to a female police officer and yelled - 'honey? did you call 911?' and he told me he had just been messing around with the phone while sitting on the pot."
911 - "Ah" (snort...)
Me - "Well thanks for calling..."
911 - "Yes ma'am. (chuckling) Also - to let you know - the police will be stopping by..."
Me - "Great! Hopefully mommy will have time to get her bra on first..."
911 - "Have a good day Ma'am..." (still chuckling)
Me - "Thanks so much... (click) MICHAELA!?"
Zack - "It was me mom..." (the smartest move he's made today...)

A minute or so later the doorbell rang and the dog went berserk. Thankfully I'd pulled on some p.j. pants before the phone rang. You really don't want to leave a police officer waiting on your porch when he's responding to a 911 call...

Zachary got dressed faster than I've ever seen and came in to speak with the officer standing in our living room while I tried to use Oscar the dog to keep me modest...

The doorbell rang again... back-up had arrived.

I was half tempted to ask them to just cuff me and take me away...

Lesson learned - I think. Apparently they didn't believe me when I told them 911 shows up - whether it's a real emergency or just a bit of constipation.

I'm hopeful this is our last encounter with the men in blue.


  1. I'd belly laugh at this, but, well, it hurts my belly.


    love ya!

  2. This could only happen to you, don't cha know!

    Take it easy on him~ he's had a rough day with the china and all.

    Dawn :0)

  3. OHHHH MYYYY I am dying laughing here poor Zach.....wait I mean poor Sara and I would have told them to just drop me at the looney bin cause I was certainly gonna go crazy now. HA HA HA Hugs to ya, Heather S.

  4. Oh my heck! So how fast did he run once they left? lol...guess you didn't need any coffee that morning, did ya?

  5. This about made me pee my pants!!! TOO funny!!

  6. You've been tagged!
    Check out the blog!

    Dawn :0)

  7. Oh, that is soooo funny. 'Gotta get my bra on first!' That would be me too.


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