Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brag Alert...

My kiddos sang for church today. I was pretty excited about it - even though they didn't do parts or anything - but they only started learning the song yesterday afternoon. It was really my week to sing, but I didn't have a piece ready that I wanted to do... Can you imagine... I thought it would be EASIER to get them to do a song than to procure and prepare one myself!

I was proud of them anyhow. Now we need to find something they can learn some simple harmony on...

Edit: Try to ignore the pants that don't coordinate and the tie that was tied to short and needs a good pinning - least it's not a clip on... And if anyone has seen a navy blue size 14 slim boys blazer could you please let us know... it's just up and diss-duh-peered! And Jacob has outgrown his already! We just bought them last fall!


  1. It was a very nice addition to the service today!

    Yeah ...yeah ...yeah..
    You had nothing to do with it..your just the one raising them and "brow beatin" them everyday...LOL!
    You deserve a "brag spotlight"

    Nice job KIDS!

    Dawn :0)

  2. Oh how I miss you all! Wish we all could have been there to hear you in person. I'm so glad you shared. Love you.

  3. Awesome......I think they looked great and I wouldn't have even noticed the tie if you hadn't pointed it out there missy he he he! Hugs, Heather S.

  4. Not too shabby for one day prep. Was Michaela the one sliding? Funny and cute! They seemed to hide their excitement fairly well


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