Friday, April 25, 2008

Too Good For My Own Bad...

I'm approaching mid-life, I suppose - well... mid-life for some - not me... I'll be living to at least a hundred, if only to spite some people. So mid-life for me won't be for another 10 years... But anyhow, I'm "maturing" in some respects.

What happens to be bothering me at this specific juncture is my lack of reasonable brain activity. Simply put, I'm making bad, or at least unusual, decisions - most of these in the middle of the night...

I'm frustrated at this particular second because I've hidden some treats from my thieving offspring and now I can't find them to quell a late night craving. (or a mid-morning, afternoon or early evening craving either... I've been searching!) Somewhere in this house there is a nearly full can of Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Hazelnut Pirouette cookies. I can just barely hear them calling out to me... That makes me think they may be under blankets or couch cushions - but I've searched there and so far only come up with popcorn kernels, the occasional matchbox car and some broken crayons. Thankfully I was able to find a nearly empty bag of cookies to fill the void in the meantime. But there's still something so wrong about hiding something so well from yourself when you really need to indulge!

Another disturbing development is my strange interest in late night infomercials. I've bought into (or rather invested in) a couple of them lately. First was the Principal Secret anti-wrinkle cream. The big selling point was the 51 year old woman that looked like she was on her way to the 9th grade - only without all the pimples. The second one was for Wen Haircare by Chaz Dean "no lather" hair cleansing conditioner. I figured if it was good enough for Laura Ingalls and the Asian doctor from ER it was good enough for me. No matter that my hair isn't long like theirs and that a one month supply of this stuff would pay for a year and a half of Suave... (not to mention a whole buncha scrapbook supplies. Something tells me Melissa Gilbert is willing to shell out a little more for her no-suds shampoo... That was (almost) my wake-up call - the $30 a month price tag - OH! and the "convenient auto ship" feature. But the most disturbing thing - the way their hair looks. Yeah, it's shiny - but still messy. You know the messy... you see them on the "red carpet" and think, couldn't she at LEAST have gotten her hair done??? Now why do I want to pay $30 a month for THAT?

Good heavens! What have I gotten myself in to???

Well - both products have the "60-day, bottom of the jar guarantee", and if I do send them back I get to keep my free gifts, one of which is a fancy wide toothed comb. You're jealous... I can feel it...

I'll let you know, possibly with before and after photos, how they actually work - But I may have to charge you a convenient reoccurring fee to read my reviews.


  1. Seriously, you should be a stand-up comic. You crack me up. I've almost come over to your house twice this weeek just to say hi because I miss you.
    I see you're well.
    Minus the lack of brain activity. I won't remind you what a woman running on 2.5 hours of sleep in a row behaves like. Suffice it to say, things are not always where they should be and I choose to make that a lesson in logic (or lack thereof) for my children (that sounds like, "Well, where do *you* think Mama *might* have put it? Let's think about what she was doing ...".
    I also, ALMOST bought the entire line of Bare Esctuals. I really have wanted to try it, but the other night when Wee Babe wasn't cooperating with the minimum of 2.5 hours, I saw quite a convincing info-mercial and thought the price sounded just GREAT! BUT my dh banned middle of the night shopping after #5 (there were a few purchases). So, now I have to tell him about it and get the go ahead. Really annoying, but probably saving us lots of money.
    Hey, if the cookies are still 'muffled' try the freezer. or the school closet (what kid looks there?).


  2. Sara....just buy another can...he he he. Cause you know as soon as you do the others will turn up. Hugs, Heather S.

  3. enjoyed the"read". You always make me smile

  4. Totally agree with grateful for grace, love your sense of humor!

    Yes, yes I am extremely jealous of your wide tooth comb. I've come thisclose to getting sucked into buying that principal secret thing, too. I keep forgetting she can afford a make-up artist to cover her flaws, where as I can't.

    Onto a serious you think you can't find the cookies because you ALREADY ate them???


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