Saturday, March 31, 2007

T'was the Week Before Easter

Michaela and I went round and round about what dress to buy for Easter. She just didn't like the one that was my favorite - a beautiful yellow one speckled with cornflower blue flowers with a sweet white collar. She made the most horrid face when she looked in the mirror and I could see my authority as fashion diva mommy slipping.
So we compromised. She agreed to my second choice for Easter dressing to coordinate with her brothers - a navy and white sailor dress - and she got to pick a second dress for her upcoming birthday and tea party. Somehow I lost the pretty yellow dress in the fray...
Since it's not her "Easter" outfit, this weekend before Easter she's talked me into wearing it to church. To complete the ensem she has a matching hair bow, sequined gloves, white leather shoes and a purse from the Target dollar spot.Can you actually smell the spoilage?

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  1. Sadly, the title of mommy fashion diva fades quickly, doesn't it? lol Take heart, at least she has good taste. : )


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