Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Outdoor School

Yesterday was Outdoor School. Wow – what a day! I was totally ZONKED when I got home. The kids were too and we ALL took a nap for a couple of hours. I was just too out of it to think about what havoc that would cause at bedtime… All three kids had a great time with the hands on science projects at Texas Tech. Zachary really has a great love for nature (thanks to the nurturing push of Gramma) and would have waded all day collecting aquatic macro invertebrates. The leaches were his prized catch of the day. Jacob was wowed by the microscope (his first viewing) and collecting and viewing his own specimens. Michaela really got into her classes too. The first part of the day was sort of a re-run of last year for her, but the afternoon “Pioneer days” was a big hit. She seemed especially adept at candle dipping – but I’ve never seen a candle quite like the one she made… She really blossomed meeting new friends and wore a big smile up until the very end when she just wanted to be held or carried.

We were so whipped that we skipped co-op classes this morning. Every one of us had a snoot full of pollen that had our heads all plugged up. I don’t remember being this miserable last spring. Now we’re just trying to recover enough to make it to Cotillion tonight.

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