Thursday, March 1, 2007

Our Sincere Apologies

There were some people glanced over yesterday - or perhaps today... I don't know who they are - I don't even know any personally - but they're out there... those with birthdays on February 29th. We're sorry, so very sorry, that you don't get to stuff yourself with your favorite cake right after you put out the fire atop it with your saliva. You should have had your cake yesterday! And since this isn't getting to you until today (or whenever you stumble across it) you should have cake today (or then) too! We'll eat cake with you! And you should have presents... lots of them since you probably have missed out more than once. It's not fair and it was a bad idea - because that's where the poem breaks down too... you know - the "30 days hath September" poem. When you get to the "except for February" section it starts falling apart (at least in my memory.)

On a completely different subject - I got a refrigerator magnet yesterday. I don't usually buy them - they contribute to lots of "stuff" being left on the fridge and I don't need anything drawing my attention as I go by... I need to just get by without opening the door! But anyway I bought this magnet at Hallmark. It says: "If it's not in the scrapbook it didn't happen." I thought it was hilarious and bought two of them actually. I'll send one to an unnamed friend. I saw another bit of wisdom while there... a little shadow box with a tiny washing machine inside that said: "Some days success is just getting the clothes in the dryer before the mildew sets in." and I can TOTALLY relate to that too... and so can my sister in law Shari - but I won't mention her name here so that I don't embarrass her...

PS - If your birthday is February 29th leave me a note and I'll make you a card! (but it will be late...but hey... it's another four years before your next birthday anyhow.)


  1. So glad we can relate so well to each other! I enjoyed your apology blog!


  2. I'm liking your blog! That's funny about the magnet!


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