Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Have Scraps Will Travel

It could have been a very boring day - but we made the best of it and actually got something accomplished. The volume control on the steering column has been malfunctioning again and since the van is still under extended warranty I wanted to get it fixed. Well that required replacing the entire steering column which is a pretty lengthy job, I'm told.
So I packed up ready to spend the day at the Honda dealer in San Antonio. It's not a bad place to be really. They offer complimentary Krispy Kream donuts and Starbuck's coffee, bottled water, TV of course, a room with large glass windows and kid sized chairs and television programs, and a quiet area with four study carrel type desks, each with a phone and two each with a computer hooked to the web. And the best part is the massage therapist that's there two mornings a week.

I worked on long overdue circle journal pages for my friends Marnea, Diana and Sue, while Zachary did school work next to me - able to do his Internet research when necessary. Then we each had a chair massage. We took the courtesy shuttle to Italian lunch at Zio's and while we were there they called and let us know the van was finished a couple of hours ahead of schedule.

We made a quick run through Scrapbook 911 since I missed my exit back onto the highway... how awful huh? I didn't make a huge purchase - but it still required the "scrapbook split" at checkout. You're probably familiar with the scrapbook split if you're a married scrapbooker. It's the maneuver you make by splitting up the total payment in several different directions so that it doesn't appear so large to a suspecting husband. You know - some in cash, some on the credit card and some on the bank card... The scrapbook stores could really help us out if they'd consider this sort of thing when naming their store though. It would be a lot easier to explain charge card or checkbook entries for "The Corner Market" or "Water Company" than a store with Scrapbook or Memory in it's name.

We got a quick Cold Stone Creamery on the way back up the road. I made one more quick stop at Lowe's when I got back in town and purchased (with a gift card) a gray, 39-drawer, nut and bolt type organizer and some white spray paint for plastic. I'll sort all of my chipboard letters, numbers and punctuation into it after I get it painted and decorated and I'll share in another post.


  1. I love all of your posts! I was just wondering though.....I didn't see mention of my circle journal page. I'm envious of all of the others.

  2. You are so lucky. Our dealership offers a room-no windows-with espn playing on the tv. That's it.


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