Saturday, January 20, 2007

Still Spazin' Out

My back is in spasm again… seems it’s been a little worse each morning when I wake up for the last 3 or 4 days. I’m using a special neck pillow but it’s not helping – I’m ready to go back to my old pillow. The shots seem to last about 10 days. It never really totally went away – but it was certainly bearable and I could turn my head again. But I’ve pushed it with cooking, baking and cake decorating (all at a bad angle for this particular spasm which is in my neck and stretches about 12 inches down my spine on the left side)

Brian has begged me to stay off the computer for a week to see if that will help. I’m tempted to do it just to prove to him that the puter isn’t the problem… but there’s no way I can do a week – He then suggested 3 days, but the weekend sounds more reasonable don’t you think???

I was supposed to sing special music today for church but just couldn’t do it… deep breathing kills! So I’m home by the fire. The in-laws are coming for lunch today after church and my mom-in-law gives a great back rub. Brian has to work tomorrow since my prayers were answered and his company shut down for two days for ice. A high price to pay just to get some shelves hung up, huh?

I should take the opportunity to finish my rolos for the swap. My mom-in-law has let me borrow her sewing machine until I can get mine fixed.

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