Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Jacob

How does it happen? How does your baby turn seven in front of your eyes and you barely remember it?

I for sure remember his birth - my first C-section - after 14 ½ hours of a beautiful, calm, serene, relaxed, non-progressing labor due to a gigantic head attached to his nearly 10 pound body… He looked like a 3 month-old in his very first photos.

Turns out that noggin of his was packed to the brim with an incredible brain! The boy used a fork to eat his first birthday cake, spoke in full sentences at the age of 2, was doing his 5 year-old brothers school work at 3, reading at 4, anxious for school but still wanting to be with mom at 5, kindergarten at 6 but then after 3 months advanced to second grade work and is now excelling and growing at an amazing rate. He’s remarkable and really gives me the challenge of my life to stay a step ahead of him. I’m very proud (and humbled) to be his mom.

Today we’re just having a “mom and Jacob” day. Zack and Mack are off at Gramma’s house and Jaek and I are making his birthday dinner and decorating his cake for his little construction theme party tonight with all of his grandparents. We’ve got the birthday haircut done (NOT on his list of fun activities by any means) and the house is cleaned up and he’s anxious to start blowing up balloons with the helium tank.

Well – Jacob loves to cook and bake and decided I wasn’t moving fast enough with the cake decorating and started “helping” too much… we’re one layer short now…or at least the cake is going to take a different shape than originally planned.

Stay tuned…

And later that very same day...
Well we pulled it together. Got the cake all decorated - but it is pretty crooked and held together with bamboo skewers. For dinner we constructed tacos and then ate orange cake with orange flavored icing for dessert with Jacob's favorite ice cream - mint chip... hmmm... not really a culinary match huh?

Crayola Model Magic was a big hit from Zachary and Aunt Shari, Nana & Gramma also gave crafty gifts. Mom (glutton that she is) picked out Marble Run - but it appears it was a welcome addition to the mess around here and well worth the smile.

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