Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Did You Say "Cotillion"???

Zachary attended The Hill Country Cotillion for the 1st of 5 classes this evening. (see www.cotillion.com) He was one of the worst dancers I've ever seen - but he'll get it :0) He did well at the foxtrot and was just getting the cha cha but needs a little work on the swing hustle.

He had a great time and danced with a LOT of different girls. They were just adorable in their party dresses and white gloves. There are about 50 kids in the class and only 5 extra girls which they rotated in nicely so nobody felt left out. Two of the dads participated too and danced with the girls. I got to serve as chaperone the first class and will probably do that again cuz I had fun too.

We weren't allowed to take photos - but will be able to at the "final party" after the last class. He's really looking forward to the next class in two weeks - Ladies Choice night :0)

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