Monday, January 8, 2007

It’s been one heckofa few days…

My spasm is real bad – was impossible sleeping night before last – I kept twitching and would wake myself up with pain… It was a real struggle to not go to the ER and ask them to just knock me out.

Sunday was a real rough start but after a HOT shower and some drugs it loosened up a bit. I just couldn’t lift my arms or turn my head… (or pull my pants up by myself…) Brian has been real good at taking care of me.

Sunday night I didn’t go to bed – I was too far behind on some stuff and I slid backwards in any progress I made in loosening up the spasm… at least today I can go see the doc and get some shots in the muscle to help it relax.

I’m going to try to nap now with the hot pad until the kids get up and then I’ll call the doc and get in there ASAP.

Follow Up: Same day…
Saw Dr. at 3

Muscle in so much spasm that meds couldn’t inject in parts of it.

Lost count of how many shots I got (all on left side in neck and back)

Got an Rx for Soma – good stuff worked in past…but makes me tired.

Took one about 20 mins ago and room is SpiNnINg….

Going to lie on couch on heat pad –drug inducement goood stuff

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