Monday, January 15, 2007

How To Dress for an Ice Storm

This is likely the coldest weather this child has ever seen... I know this is the first time in about 27 years that we've had icicles hanging from a house that I lived in! I love it! I'm enjoying the cold outside and the fire inside. The weatherman is saying we could actually get snow tonight and tomorrow. This isn't the Texas I always heard about.
A bit of good news for today... I've got my new PB shelves up! Brian didn't even say "whadidya' do that for?" I started with the classic "original price was __ but I only paid __" approach! It was way too dramatic of a savings to argue with :0) I'll post an updated photo of my space soon - I'm quickly filling the shelves - well - three of the four... one of them is stuck down the hill in San An... can't make it up the highway that's been shut down due to ice.

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