Friday, April 10, 2009

Curb Appeal

After almost four and a half years in this house, we've finally decided to do something about the way we look to passers by...

This past summer we had the house painted.

This is what it looked like last Easter...

And this is what it looked like three days ago...

And this is what it looks like now...
Now, somewhere around here I have photos of what the master bedroom used to look like. Not with all the boxes and junk... just what it was arranged like. As soon as I find those I'll post the "after" photos of that room for you. It's a very dramatic change.

ETA: A couple of you have been concerned about the "deer" factor. Yes... we get deer in our front yard (and back yard) all the time - even though we're in the middle of town. But I was actually smart about this (for a change) and got some plants that deer are said to not like to snack on. Also - My mom tells me that if you put slivers of Irish Spring soap in amongst your plants the deer won't bother them. They must be afraid of the potential whistling...


  1. Wow! Those flowers look beautiful! I was just thinking about hoe hard February was for you. You couldn't get things in order around your house and you were feleing a little down about it. Now look at you! It's a great patient and let God use us as He pleases and He will honor our prayers. Lisa~

  2. Your home looks beautiful!


  3. LOVE the curb appeal and the cute "puppy" on the steps doesn't hurt either.
    Hugs, :) Heather

  4. make it too appealing and unwanted guest will show up and help themselves to your forwarned. The deer around here..pft.
    Didn't realize what a difference the paint made!
    We are planning to do the very same here this summer.

  5. first of all let me say...I miss you guys...those fun cropping emails...second your house looks great - you must not have those pesky deer in your front yard...luckee and third, I just leave your blog on my computer all day so I can listen to your wonderful music!
    Hello to all the Kville croppers, from the other Lisa (who is in Arizona now)


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