Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Brighter Dead

I'm still looking for those "before" shots of the bedroom - lesson learnt! I'm doing better with taking my "before" photos now.

Here's a little tip for an inexpensive spruce up that can make a dramatic difference in a dried floral arrangement.

This wreath is one of those "off the rack" jobs from Michael's. My husband bought it for me as a Mother's Day gift years ago (after I poked a 40% off coupon into his hand and shoved him down the dried floral aisle with a kid I'd spent a great deal of time whispering to...)
Way back when I received it, it was a bit brighter - but how bright can dead flowers really be after 9 or 10 years? You can dust them (sort of) and pull the cobwebs out, but they still deteriorate over time and in some cases you're just left with flower dust. There is most definitely a lifespan on this sort of decorative item and lets face it - these things are really pretty 90's... but if you need something to hold a place on the wall until you can get something else, there are cheap "fix up's" you can try. (Also note: this really isn't the right size or shape item for this space above my headboard - it's too close to the headboard AND the ceiling - but again... holding a spot until I can get just the right piece to hang here.

To punch it up, for the time being, I've brightened the color by just adding some more dried (AKA dead) flowers that I preserved (hung upside down until they were good and dead) at home. These are just inexpensive spray roses that I bought at Costco. I was able to enjoy them in a vase for a week or so and then just rubber-banded the stems together and hung them up to dry. I clipped the stems to about 5 inches and randomly (in a balanced way) poked them in here and there, adding two colors that were in my bedroom already (the bright rosy pink and the yellow.)
I changed the bow too, just from some old ribbon I had in my stash. I didn't have a good wired ribbon of the right color - when I find something that works better I will likely change it again.

It doesn't drag us out of the 90's, but it puts a smile on my face for now. I love a cheap fix up!


  1. Ooh! It looks great! It's hard to tell from the photo how big it is. You should stand next to it or hold a ruler or something. But it looks great! Big improvement. Lisa~

  2. I must be stuck in the 90's then cause I LOVE it very feminine and yet not so much as to send hubby away screaming.
    Hugs, :) Heather S.

  3. You know this is also very green of you ;)

    NICE job!


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