Saturday, June 2, 2007

1987 Called...

What the H-E-double toothpicks happened????

WHOOSH! Twenty years gone like *snap* THAT! "My" songs are oldies now!

Twenty years ago yesterday, I was a high school graduate. By the skin of my teeth maybe - but a graduate none the less. Let's just say I was more... "socially skilled" rather than academically rewarded.
My graduating class is getting together in San Diego for a reunion in a few weeks. I was originally planning to be there - but life gets in our way sometimes and I'll only be visiting in spirit now. Would have been great to see everyone, especially if they have more wrinkles and gray hair than I do... By the way - I don't have any gray hair and the wrinkles are losing the battle! Extra weight is another issue altogether and we shan't discuss it...
And in case you were wondering - yes... Lucille Ball called too, and said she wanted her hairdo back...


  1. Look at you! I was married with that same "Peanuts" poof on the top of my head!

  2. Wow, see I changed my internet security program and now I'm able to visit all the blogs I couldn't before!! Goodness time does fly..20 years for you..a-hem, 26 for me!! Also LOVE those tea party invites, sooo pretty!!

    Cricket :)

  3. Sara -

    I didn't realize you graduated the same year I did! I should dig up my '87 pic. I'm not sure I'm attending my reunion (in the fall). I don't have much desire to see the people. Maybe to see how old they look. LOL!


  4. Oh, I was just a baby when you graduated. LMAO! Class of 85 here. Doesn't it seem like you just blinked and *poof* you're almost middle aged? Sigh...


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