Thursday, June 7, 2007

Am I 5 Now???

The first words from my daughter's mouth the morning of her birthday: "Am I really five now, mommy?"

"Yes - You're really five now - you have been for two hours and thirteen minutes eastern daylight time!"

"Oh good! When I'm six - I want a hula kitty* birthday party!"

What??? WHY? Why does this child plan her birthdays so far in advance???

We do tend to let them drag on and on here, I suppose...

Today we celebrated the "official" birthday with dinner of the birthday girls' choosing (Special K loaf, scalloped potatoes and corn on the cob) and another cake. Then she opened her presents from family. Grampa got her a princess fishing pole (to induct her into the Grampa fishing club), Nana and Pawpa got her a Tinkerbell folding chair (perfect for fishing from I'm sure), brothers Jacob and Zack got her some Thomas the Tank trains all her own (with girly names and faces) and a Diego figure for the "Dora's Magical Castle" that mommy picked up months ago on $18 clearance and hid in the shed in a garbage bag low these many months.

Aunt Shari, Uncle Carl, Matthew and Jeremy sent gifts along too. Aunt Shari made a beautiful card (way to show up mommy Aunt Shari... I didn't bother with a card once I saw your lovely one...) and the favorite gift was the "more than 500 piece" something to do with Disney Princesses and paper dolls... I don't know a whole lot about it except the "more than 500 pieces" part. Take note Aunt Shari - payback is a you-know-what...

The Sunday following her birthday, the "boys" took Michaela fishing. This was Zack's idea for a present - he felt she'd really enjoy it. Grampa said she was all over the place (mommy stayed home and slept in :0) All I know is she came home fussing that "it wasn't fair" since she hadn't caught anything. But she looked cute not catching anything- even though daddy put her shirt on her backwards.
*I've since figured out that "hula kitty" is really "Hello Kitty"... duh...


  1. Well- she did look good. Hello Kitty, does have a Hula look, so she could have a little hula going on too! Coconuts and a grass skirt!LOL!

  2. She reminds me so much of you! :0)Always a comment that makes me lol.


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