Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tea For Four

Michaela's birthday tea was a success. With many thanks to the expert help of Gramma, Nana and Daddy. I couldn't have pulled it off without them. In fact - the only food I prepared was the birthday cake. Brian made the scones, muffins, whipped the Devonshire cream and baked the most delicious lemon bars I've ever had. And it was a recipe I've used dozens of times! I think the secret may have been the stoneware pan he baked them in.

Three beautiful little tea-takers Dana, Phoebe & Chloe) joined us right on time. They were dressed in such finery - beautiful dresses, hats and gloves. Michaela was so excited to have girls her age in the house. It's gets very tiresome to be the only little girl swimming upstream in the testosterone.
When the doorbell rang I was still frantically squeezing flowers onto the cake - so we let Michaela open one of her gifts from Momma, (a Gigi - God's Princess DVD with an episode called "The Royal Tea Party") and the little princesses enjoyed it while we put the finishing touches on the tables.
I think they may have been just slightly overwhelmed. We started with pink lemonade, raspberry and peach tea. There was no PB & J in sight... rather, the traditional cucumber sandwiches, strawberry and cinnamon flower sandwiches and striped egg salad finger sandwiches.

Next came the cream scones with raspberry jam or lemon curd and mock Devonshire cream and berry muffins. Following very close behind were the desserts of shortbread wedges, lemon bars and chocolate filled cream puffs.

The best surprise to their little ears was the announcement of "final dessert" - an unheard of fourth dessert of fondant covered strawberry "teacup" cakes and a of course the teapot cake at the birthday girls' request. By the time we got to the photos of the birthday cake the "faucet" (as Michaela put it) was under a bit of stress and beginning to fold. It was a bit heavy and wanted to pull out of the cake so I had propped it with another piece of fondant. This was the second "faucet" I had made too - the first was way too heavy and pulled on the cake something terrible.

Aside from the folding faucet I was fairly pleased with the result - and Michaela was duly impressed - good enough for me :0)

After Michaela opened her girly-girly gifts (her favorite by far was the wad of necklaces from Phoebe) and played for a few minutes we helped each girl decorate a tea hat with a ribbon sash, tulle and silk flowers and Michaela gave each a little satin purse with fancy hair ties and clips. To wrap things up they watched one more episode of Gigi and the little princesses buzzed out the door on a sugar high.

Mommy crashed.

I was whipped - but recovered after a short nap.
On to planning the next party...


  1. What a precious memory you have helped create for our little mermaid.

  2. Beautiful job on the cake and party!! Looks like the princesses all enjoyed themselves!


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