Saturday, December 23, 2006

Workshop is winding down

Due to the lack of fundage this year I'm making a lot of "our" Christmas gifts. But I gotta say - I've really enjoyed making my gifts and didn't miss the shopping at all. I just wish I'd had more time to make more gifts! First I made this desk top birthday flip-calendar for a Secret Santa of mine. I was just going to do the 12 calendar pgs but decided to make a blank for a photo on the opposite side. I tried out the different decorative stitches on my machine to embellish. I'm sending along the stickers that came with the papers so she can embellish them how she wants. The book itself is 4x5 & was a little quote book that Mack got with a tea set last X-mas. I took it after she wrote all over the pages! (Now she wants it back :0)
I had three Secret Santas this year and I made the pink and black calendar/organizer for the second. I liked it because it had a plastic cover and would protect the "art" during the year. There's room inside for favorite photos too. Then I made the "Santa Baby" pink velvet paper and feather boa paint can to hold the gift. I think it's one of my most favorite paint cans ever. My third Secret Santa gift I can't mention...since I'm still a secret until Spring :0)
The last gift I had time for was the clock I made for my babies daddy's parents (AKA my wonderful mother and father in law.) It was really fun to make and I plan to make to others - stay tuned...

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  1. Sara! I love the birthday calendar you sent me! Thanks so much, it's gorgeous and useful! I really appreciate hand made presents, there's lots of "you" put into it. thanks~


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