Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fairies Apparently Only Fly VFR

Last night while I was at the gym I got a call from Zachary… I REALLY don't like to get the "home" ring when I'm at the gym - it's my current "me" time with none of my family there (unless, of course, my parents and sister are there working out too...)

So I was surprised when I answered and it was Zack on the other end...

Z: hey mom, guess what! Jacob’s loose tooth fell out all by itself…
M: Really? All by itself?
Z: Yeah – while we were playing dodge ball.
M: In my HOUSE ?!?! you were playing dodge ball in my house??? And... his tooth fell out all by itself…?
Z: well yeah… after he got hit with the ball – and it BLED a LOT! It was cool…
M: Great… where’s your dad?

So after, I went by Big Lots - still searching for a pool table for Zachary… It’s all he’s asked for – his letter said:

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a pool table. (size doesn’t matter)
Love, Zachary

Well – they just sold the last pool table that day but said check tomorrow since we got a truck today. (I called – no luck…)
Anyhow… I asked for cash back at the checkout for the TF but they don’t do that there. Well the whole tooth thing slipped my mind after that since I came home and the kids were all in bed and I went straight to work on my Christmas gifts…

Jacob woke me up this morning SO disappointed that the TF had neglected him (he’s got his eye on some “candy logs” that he saw in the birthday express catty… He says he can afford them with just a couple more dollars… they’re $ .99 and with shipping his total will come to just about $8 ! LOL!)

So anyway… LONG story a little longer… I told him the TF probably couldn’t get through because of the weather – something about not being able to navigate in the blizzard conditions... only being able to fly when they can see - planes were grounded and people had to sleep in airports it was so bad… and the photos of all the snow in the midwest have REALLY helped to back me up!

So I'm off to find a cash machine… I’d like to avoid writing a check and putting it under the pillow tonight…


  1. Hi Sara!

    Love your blog! You've done an awesome job at it!

    Hugs, Maria


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