Tuesday, December 12, 2006

After the Storm

I’m much better today but totally wiped out. I felt more energetic after evicting a 9lb. 3 oz. baby from his first apartment... but I was definitely worse yesterday before I got better.

Brian went to the store for my chicken soup and ginger ale and took the kids with him.

I had to call him to come home immediately (and he DID).

Apparently I passed out while emptying the contents of my stomach into my Tupperware cuz I woke in a puddle of said contents all over my bed, hair and clothes. I remember sitting up in the bed and hitting the bowl. I opted – wisely, to not try to make the bathroom… It was a pretty tough go…I was praying for "this cup to pass from me"and next thing I knew I was waking up and I was all wet and cold.

Poor Brian - he's really not good at this sick nurse thing... I can't think of any worse task for him than cleaning up after a sick person... I did manage to get myself into the shower and then on to my new place on the couch. The living room really is a better place to be sick anyway - it's nice and dark in there - and there's a TV to drone over the noise of the happy children noises.

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