Monday, December 4, 2006

I can talk about it now...

Last Thursday was just not a fun day.
It started off very cold (which was fine... I really enjoy the cold weather) and the kids were bundled up and playing outside, but soon Zack came running in and said "mom - there's water leaking from a pipe in the front yard..."
Well - "water" wasn't really an accurate description of it... "sewer water" would have hit the mark.

I came in and called my daddy (who still offers great advice on many occasions) and he directed me to the water company - and they directed me to waste management... I was told they'd come out to check it out and let me know if it was on "the city side or my side". If it was on "my side" I'd need to call a plumber. well I haven't had many occasions to call a plumber (except that first week of 2003 that we had water running out our laundry room and one week and five holes driven in my concrete floor later they found the leak under my kitchen cabinets ACROSS the room from my sink! Thankfully homeowners paid for that... cuz it was spesive!) Anyway, I knew calling a plumber was not going to be cheap a month before Christmas or ANY time.

I called the kids to my bedroom and we all knelt and prayed, playing the "where two or more are gathered in my name" card. We prayed hard that the block was on the "city side" and we'd be spared the dreaded call to the plumber.

Someone from the city came by and said they didn't know where the block was but someone from waste management would come asses it too. Soon after, the bell rang again and this time Donnie from waste management said he'd checked it out and the block was on our side. Horrors!

I found a plumber (after calling daddy again and getting a recommendation) and surprisingly he was there in about 10 minutes. He worked for about an hour and said he just couldn't get it clear and wondered if it was indeed on the city side. (a glimmer of hope...)

Really long story shortened - We had to call the city back out to meet with our plumber (notice he's now our plumber) and they determined in about 5 minutes that the block was indeed on the city side (praise the Lord for answered prayers!) and they cleared it immediately. "The city" came to the door to apologize for the oversight (of the manhole across the street and the incompetence of the worker they'd sent out...) and said to let them know if the plumber actually charges us for his 2 hours of work... (He of course did) So now I need to get the whole thing documented and turned in to the city so they can reimburse us. Fun.

And all this went on while I put myself through the self made hell of trying to get the dreaded and impossible perfect Christmas card photo of the children... I finally settled on this one - but as you can see I had to go through a lot (about 80 shots) before I got there...

Then Brian came home and said he'd been hit by a truck on the way home - literally... He wasn't hurt, but the car got scratched up enough that it needs to go in and be worked over. Luckily - the truck hit disguises some of the scooter marks the car received in the driveway... I'm hoping against hope that we'll have to get the whole thing painted (or maybe if I'm lucky they'll total it! LOL!)

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