Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Party's Over

We made it through - but it was the closest I've ever come to that re-occurring nightmare that I have where I'm having a party and people are ringing the doorbell and I've still got a towel on my head.

It was successful though - nobody noticed (or at least cared) that I didn't get all the candles lit or even all the lights plugged in. They didn't ask me to open my bedroom door so they could see if I'd gotten the tree up in there (which I didn't.) It didn't seem to bother anybody that the table wasn't set perfectly when they arrived. They all had a good time and raved about the potato soup (or as I like to call it now - "Coronary in a pot".

I did finish covering my hot cocoa canisters (such an important detail, no? Not like something minor like being able to open the master bedroom door...) The big one with "regular" and the small one with "sugar free". I used the Basic Grey papers and adapted a snowman tag I did for a swap years ago - the colors in the paper (and on my snowman) were perfect with the light blue and reddish lids from the cocoa canisters.
The kids had a great time decorating sugar cookies. Michaela was unsupervised for a bit and iced her own... I think it was at least 3 inches deep!

Jacob (our future Food Network star) did a nice job on his cookies too... We've set some aside for Santa - assuming he'll be visiting in a couple of weeks...

I'm glad it's done - but look forward to doing it again next year!

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