Thursday, April 5, 2012

Round Top Bound

It’s time once again to trek across the state (I’m really not even sure where it is I’m going…) to one of the most fabulous flea markets on the planet. Round Top!

This will be my third trip to Round Top. I wrote about it last spring, but didn’t tell you all about our trip last fall. I’m almost recovered from our fall trip and have vowed not to ever try it again in the “fall”. There was nothing crisp or brisk about it – it was pure Texas heat and I about croaked from heat stroke. (But I did get lots of good stuff, including most of the trays for my dining room wall… So nearly dying was worth it, don’t you think?)DSCN4316

Who knows what adventures await this day – I can tell you I’ve got a “press pass” again, (which I pretty much wasted last fall since I’ve been recovering all of this time…) and will receive a swag bag (though, I’m still not exactly sure just what that means beyond a free T-shirt that I will probably never wear unless my good painting clothes are dirty…)

I might even try my hand at Tweeting (@SaraKKendrick) a bit during the day (if I can get Lisa to explain to me how that works… She’s sooo techie. (insert snort laugh here.)

Until I return with adventure stories galore, feast your eyes on what our countryside looks like these days. It’s a GORGEOUS spring here in the Hill Country and the blue bonnets are in full glorious, bloom.DSCN4395




No. (sigh). None of these were taken in my back yard. It’s an hour away (which delights my children every single year.) But every highway and byway is lined with blue bonnets and wild flowers. Thanks, Mrs. Johnson.

I’ll be back soon with a full junque and funnel cake report.

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