Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keepin' It Spicy

My babies' daddy and I will scratch tally mark number 21 in our wall in just 38 days. That's not to imply that marriage is a prison - somebody else cooks and does the laundry in prison...

Love is most certainly a decision rather than a feeling and making a marriage enjoyable rather than just something that "works" takes effort - 100% effort - from both parties. The reality of it is some days are better than others, but when the great days outweigh the bad or even mediocre days I think you've got a winning combination.

So every once in awhile we throw something else into the mix to keep it interesting. Most recently we're throwing in a pillow. Yes. A pillow.

My new friend, Cha Cha of Sit Relax and Read, makes these sweet DSCN1553pillows (and several other great things) and sells them in her Etsy shop, Cha Cha's Treasure.

This is not just any pillow - it's a "Marriage Pillow". I was curious about what a marriage pillow would be the first time I heard of it, but now it's all clear and I really like the idea.

The front side has a great big pocket that serves as a sort of soft mailbox that just you and your sweetie use. The pocket is made of a sturdy decorator fabric and reinforced nicely at the top edge so it will hold its shape over the years.

DSCN1543The Marriage Pillow comes with three beautiful printed Scripture verses for a husband and wife to share right off the bat. Later you can get creative and tuck in whatever you want - the pocket is nice and big so it will hold things like meaningful books, cases of chocolate, small electronics, cruise tickets...

It would make a DSCN1537sweet wedding or anniversary gift for a couple you care about.

Cha Cha has all sorts of fabrics and she's a pro at coordinating creative prints and trims. Go check out her shop and when you find what you'd like and place your order put "CANDLE" in as a coupon code and she'll give you 30% off everything in your cart! Suh-weet!DSCN1539

One more generous thing... Cha Cha is offering a FREE Marriage Pillow to one of my fabulous readers (you pick your favorite one). To enter the drawing, visit Cha Cha's Treasure and then come back here and leave a comment mentioning one of your favorite items. I'll have a random drawing and announce the winner on Monday, June 6.

Also, don't forget to enter my Favorite Things giveaway - I've got over $100 worth of some of my favorite things (thus the name of the giveaway...) and that ends on June 9 - so get back there and enter. Entries are so low right now that so far everyone is guaranteed a prize! I'm hoping that will change :0).DSCN1524

Do you see how I cleverly disguised the fact that this bag of chocolates is nearly empty? I promise the winners' bag will be unopened. This just proves it is a favorite. My bathroom scale will back up my claims.

Wow... so many freebies right now my head is spinning - or that could just be the effects of a strawberry shortcake hangover. More on that later this week...

I'm linking up with the Hip Homeschool Hop - perfect since Cha Cha is a homeschooling mamma too.


  1. I love the idea of the silverware key ring....what a wonderful way to share my grandmother's china with my granddaughters since I only have a few pieces! Thanks for the forward! <3

  2. Duh...not china...silver! Meds haven't kicked in yet :)

  3. I really like the marriage pillow! What a great idea! I'd love it a bold color, our room is black and white.

  4. LOVE the bold colored striped memory verse pillow....my Hellie would go crazy for the dinosaur themed one though :)

  5. Sharing this on Facebook too :)

  6. I love the idea of putting special little goodies in to surprise your spouse. I am wondering though, why did you put in the book, "1001 Way to Be Roman"? Is this some weird prison/marriage thing that you do? Lisa~

  7. Well Sara, as much as I would love to say my favorite thing is the marriage pillow, chalkboard, or the workout video, etc... alas, to my shame, it is the Hershey's Nuggets with almonds (preferably the ones with dark chocolate; hint, hint). j/k Sorry, I just had to say that about the chocolate! LOL! (8-D)

  8. I like the Bible Memory Verse Pillow a lot! Love this whole shop!

  9. I love the Marriage Pillow...and with two of my sons getting married soon...and that "suh weet" coupon code, I will have to place my order! Guess I better buy one for us too!

  10. I love the idea of both the memory verse pillows and the marriage pillows. I especially like the pink gingham-and-floral patterns. And she sends them out with great verses too! [Of course, to the verse in Ruth I'd have to add 3:10 because that's the one that finally got my hubby to propose (he's a little older than I).]

  11. Ohhh I love this! I totally want to win the Marriage Pillow...I would constantly be hoping to find chocolate in there :)

  12. I love this idea of a Marriage pillow...I'm in love with the brown and aqua pillow with fringe. How wonderful is that.

  13. I'm a new follower and I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm enjoying myself looking around.

  14. I love the marriage pillow. What a beautiful idea for presenting an anniversary gift that could keep on giving.


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