Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Am I Blue?

I’ve been scarce for the last few days. If you could see me I bet you’dsmurfette_smurfs_ guess why… I have bits of latex paint from my hair to my shoes. I’ve been compared to a Smurf, just a little bigger, not blonde and minus the cute caterpillar and smile.

This week I’m pretty much living in the master bathroom. Don’t worry – I’m feeling fine just sick from the color.



I have a love/hate relationship with painting. Paint is a great, fairly affordable way to make a major change in your decorating. It’s the prep work I hate. It just takes forever and I tend to be impatient with my decorating. I want it all done NOW. When I move into a new house I usually have the entire place unpacked and decorated – even pictures on the walls – in a week or less.  So it doesn’t make any sense, but I also have a tiny problem with the follow-through when it comes to painting the trim work. Sometimes I never get it finished.

Here’s an example of when I didn’t finish the trim work. My master bathroom. It’s very difficult to tell, but the walls used to be the same burnt orange color as my old guest bath but I painted a red over it so it DSCN0456would match my bedding and shower curtain better and coordinate with our dining room. It wasn’t’ a great fix. The drab green REALLY needs to go. But I was too lazy to do the trim work (prep) at the time.

Well – I’ve been on a painting jag lately and this week the master bath is getting a major overhaul. The red and green are both GONE! Currently we’re in limbo with Kilz white and a lovely tint of light blue/gray cut in all the nooks and crannies – and there are LOTS of nooks and crannies in this little room.

Wish me luck… I’m going back in and hope to come out by the end of the week unscathed (and un-blue… I’m seriously going to need a manicure when this is all over.)

Here’s a teaser of the new color…



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