Saturday, March 20, 2010

If You Had to Choose...

So, I'm trying something different.

Not different for the rest of the blogosphere, just different for me.

I'm going to POLL you.

I promise it won't hurt... I'm not going to ask you what you think of the health-care bill, or how much debt you have (which is probably unrelated) or if you prefer Coke or Pepsi.

What I want to know is, if your 20th Wedding Anniversary we're rapidly approaching, (like in a little over 3 months) and your husband's wallet sounded like it could use a good dose of WD40 every time he opened it, how would you "strive" to celebrate?

I've left you several options over there on the left side... down below the photo of my Beloved and I... If the four of you that regularly comment could choose an answer I'd appreciate it.

And if the rest of you (that never comment) could choose an answer I'd appreciate it too. And hey, I'm even open to your input or other G rated suggestions in the comments section too. (But please know, in the end... no matter how many votes an item or activity receives, we (and by we I mean me) reserve the right to do as we please. (And again, I mean me... sorta.)

Thanks for playing!


  1. I can't make a choice because all of them cost a lot of money. We need a free choice.

    For our 20th anniversary we took a simple trip. But for our 10th we had a party. It was 5 other couples and we played some fun, Q&A type games and laughed a lot.

    I think you should do that (but only if I'm invited, of course).


  2. I voted for the 5 star dinner and 4 star hotel...but if you could swing staying a few extra nights I think it would make it even more wonderful! The disney idea sounds fun...but maybe not for a 20th anniversary....your hubby might want a but more "alone" time with you than this would allow ;)

  3. #4 AND #5

    #4 sounds like lots of fun!
    And FREE means there is money to purchase #5!

    #5 We purchased one of these this year, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  4. I'm with Charlsie on this one. You and Brian need some special time. Since you've done Disney before, do something different and a bit more celebrating the covenant. I vote for what hubby wants. There's a darling little bed and breakfast near you... on Pennington Acres. Friends could bring you yummies. I also vote FOR the 4th pitter patter. ;-)

  5. Howdy Sara
    Today was my first visit to your lovely blog .
    I had a great time !
    Blessings to you and yours.
    May God surprise you and huby with an awesome 20th anniversary that will bring you both a lifetime of sweet memories .
    Happy Trails

  6. if you should go with the one I suggested...I'll loan you my massage table ;) (snickers) ALTHOUGH! Make sure you recieve first otherwise you may not ever get one..from him ;)

    Start planning a vow renewel ceremony for the 25th year those are so sweeeet!

  7. Even though I marked "free", it also needs to be a compromise. If you don't go someplace overnight, then you should get some lovely flowers, exchange personal gifts and go out for a very nice dinner, then have the house all to yourselves for the night when you return and maybe most of the next day (I know you have enough grandparents locally to make this possible.) Make it all about the two of you and enjoy the reconnecting time!
    So happy for you both!

  8. Ditto what Shari says!

    And I love Dawn's idea of a vow renewal for your 25th anniversary :)

  9. Just remember that #25 is only a couple of blinks away. Now will be the time to put a few pennies aside each week to plan for that one.

    Have some fun for this one, but remember that you will want to do something even bigger for #25. Spoken from experience.

  10. You didn't have it as an option but you are in the Hill Country and a couple of nights in a nice B&B might be even better than the big city. Whatever you do you will do together and that is the key. Have fun and good luck on the 25th plans


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