Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I {Heart} L.A.

The party's over. And what a party it was!

I spent 8 days in L.A. with my dearest friends - My "Scruds" (Scrappin Buds). We had a wonderful time scrapping, cooking, eating, laughing until our guts hurt and shopping. Linda, our hostess this year, had everything planned out to the last detail. She had put so much thought into the timing of everything - I can't imagine it going any smoother.

I arrived early on Tuesday and had the opportunity to be let in on some of the last minute secrets and errand running with a few of the other early girls. On Wednesday a few more girls arrived and we set up the cropping room with Linda's expert direction then headed out to In-N-Out Burger. What heaven... I hadn't had an In-N-Out Burger for 20 years! It was as good as I remembered it.

Thursday evening we had our first shopping trip to Crop Circles after a quick trip to the beach for photo ops. We had a very interesting time at the beach and an encounter with a special new friend. It pretty much set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

Friday afternoon there was another shopping trip and make-n-takes at A-Z Scrapbooking and then an evening of cropping and laughing until my sis-in-law Shari and I went to "cook" and make tags to match our napkins and paper plates for Saturday afternoon's picnic.

Saturday was an early morning trip to Creative Paradise with more make-n-take fun and then a picnic in Griffith Park. Shari and I had a great time putting out a great spread for the rest of the group. Next we had a little walking tour of Hollywood at the Kodak theater and on the walk of fame. Then a drive through Hollywood, Westwood and Beverly Hills.
Saturday night there was a group dinner out at the famous King's Hawaiian restaurant and more laughs. And can you believe even MORE laughs late into the night?

Sunday was time for most to go home - but I got to spend a couple more days at my sis-in-laws house doting on my two beautiful nephews.

I gotta say - I think I was gone too long. I really was getting heartsick for my kids. I missed my early morning snuggles and the random "I love you Momma"'s all through the day. I even missed the "go to bed now" struggles. But it turns out I wasn't gone too long - I quickly acclimated to the role of mom again.
I think I need another vacation.

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  1. So glad we were able to spend a few days together with our scruds. The pictures are an awesome recap. The boys loved having you here to read and dote on them, too. LYS!


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