Saturday, April 21, 2007

And The Winner Is....


(That's my feeble attempt at a drum roll... Clearly I don't play percussion...)

Well the word is back - The bank counted all my "nickles, dimes and dollars" (shout out to all the 7th-day Adventists that learned that song in Sabbath School ;0) and saved me OODLES of time. I will never roll coins again I hope!

The final word was $87. 07. That makes Kath my winner with a guess of $84. Kath - you're so hard to pick a prize for... You're an awesome scrapper and I love your style! (Plus, since you design for a store it makes it harder to find something new and interesting for you!) So I'm not going to send you anything until I return from L.A. Yeah - you hafta wait for your prize... but look at it this way... I've got $87 to spend potentially :0) (you know I'm kidding... ;0)

Those of you that haven't seen Kath's stuff - her blog link is on my list - and if she's updated lately maybe there's something there for you to drool over :0)

I think that $87 will do me just fine - there's not a real shortage of scrappy supplies around here right now, if you know what I mean... and I KNOW you know what I mean.

Thanks for playing! This was fun! Maybe I'll do another contest when I get back from L.A.


  1. Bwa hahaha! Sara, you are a riot! I know the purrrfect thing you can bring me back from Cali...he's tall, hansome, and has a deep tan from surfin'. : ) Actually, I'll take two, please.

  2. So sorry I missed the contest. You know I'd rather joined the contest then spend two nights in the hospital....
    I'm so sorry I won't be meeting you at the retreat. Have a fantabulous time!

  3. DOH! So close, yet so far!

    congrats to Kath & Ms Sara, I'll see you in 4 days! Looks like I'm roomin with you, Shari & Linda since Jennie can't make it.


    We're gonna have a BLAST!!!

  4. Congrats on your win, Kath! I can't wait to see you and watch you spend your $$, Sara! See you soon.


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