Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Blog-iversary to Me - The Terrible Two's?

Wow - two years of bloggin'. Who'da thunk it?

Please to forgive... I've been a little lax lately (especially with my "Thankful" posts), but it's STAYED busy here with party planning etc. going on. I'll have some more celebration decor ideas for you, dear, faithful readers, in that area real soon. Plus lots more recipes. I'm all for the EASY and impressive stuff - but they have to be both easy and impressive at holiday time - there's just too much else to do!

I'm doing some changing in here in honor of my blog-iversary. First some cosmetic stuff. Don't get all excited right now - my sweet friend is helping me by designing some digi stuff for me. I can't wait - as she is such an awesome artist! But the new colors here will give you a hint for the direction I'm going with it :0)

I've updated my music player too - right now all you get is some of my favorite Christmas music that I found. I have more Christmas CD's than anything else. I LOVE Christmas music!

To celebrate my anniversary (and make a shameless attempt at getting my hits over 5,000 this week), I'm offering a surprise to one of my commenting readers. Up for grabs is a Fiskar's Threading Water Border Punch. I LOVE mine and got a good deal on this one - so had to grab it. They're kind of hard to come by right now.

If you're not a scrapbooker - not to worry - this is a great tool for paper crafting in general. You can see where I used it to make a card here. And if you're not a card maker - you can use it to spice up the appearance of your grocery list - or just give it to another paper crafter for Christmas!

Just leave me a comment on THIS post before Friday, November 27 at 5:00 p.m. Central time (this is important...I'm watching the time stamps on this one!) If you want to share this little contest with other crafters I don't mind - just don't share my blog address with any stalkers - I've got enough to worry about party planning right now.


12/9/2008 - It's about time! But I've finally remembered to employ the Random Number Generator and comment number 6 was my winner - So, dear friend, Beach, is the lucky recipient of the Fiskars punch. Yay! I can hand deliver rather than mail! What a treat for me :0)

Enter a lower limit: 1
Enter an upper limit: 12

Random Number: 6


  1. This is a great giveaway. I need to be inspired to get some scrappy stuff done. Love the new look of your blog. Thanks! Marlis

  2. As always, Sara, you're the Queen of making a party look gorgeous! Love the new look of the blog.


  3. Hey I'd use it on my grocery shopping list!

    Come see the finished product of yesterday's cap for sissy.

    BTW~ love that music.

  4. I really love the new background, Sara. I want one in green.

    P.S. Don't count me for the Fiskars punch. I already own one.


  5. Good Afternoon Sara! As always you have amazing ideas on your little Blog! Happy Anniversary...and thanks for sharing all your recipes and ideas with us!



  6. Looks cute in here!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!
    Hugs, :) Heather S.

  7. so THIS is what this theader thhing is tgat everyone is talking ya know whos commentng left handed...LOL!

    Love the music, same CD you played when i was there scrappng :)

  8. Awesomw giveaway and awesome punch! Happy Blo-iversary!

  9. Congratulations on the anniversary! I already have one so you don't have to put my name in the drawing. I like the polka dots BTW!

  10. Love the new look!
    You are so very talented, you could make a killing as a party coordinator! Theresa

  11. You are the best at party decor, but I don't know if your definition of easy and my definition of easy are the same.

    Pretty stuff!

  12. Hello! I am new to your blog. A mutual homeschooling friend here in Kerrville told me about it. I got to finally meet you at the film screening the other night. I'm Pennie. :) Remember me? I also love entertaining, decorating for parties, and scrapbooking.....we must be kindred spirits. :) Keep up the good work here on your blog. I was going to write and say that even without the contest. :) I have already enjoyed your recipes and ideas! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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