Monday, November 24, 2008

A Christmas Tradition First

Sunday afternoon, we, (my Mom-in-law, me and my darling daughter) had the ultimate "girls day out" and went to see the Nutcracker. This is the first time that I have ever seen it "live". Same for my darling daughter, although she has about worn out our Nutcracker "Little Golden Book". (Remember those?)

Michaela has been counting down on her calendar to this very special memory. Nana has talked about taking her for years now - and I think this was the perfect year to do it. It was made even more special because my mom and sister were also able to go (as a slightly early birthday gift for my sis.) and they were able to get tickets right in front of us. Also - we happen to know one of the little Sugarbabe dancers from our homeschool association. I really had a great seat - three rows back in the "balcony" which is basically about three steps up from the orchestra level, and on the right side. I had a clear shot from my knees, which served as my tripod, to the stage. I don't have three knees - but I'm unwilling to figure out a better word. I don't want to get into it too much anyway, since they announced that photos were a 'no-no'. So I was a good girl and only took 156. And I have no idea what happened to all my photos of the first act. Somehow in the dark hall with a little black bolero jacket covering the back of my camera I managed to deleted them all.

I just love this dress on her. It's a favorite of Daddy too - since it was only $18 at Costco. Can't beat that - I'm even willing to do the hand washing at that price. Every place she stepped in the hall people were stopping to compliment her on her dress and behavior. She sorta walked like a little ballerina in it and kept calling me "mother". Someday I'll tell you about her nearly perfect British accent... Too many prissy movies for this kid, for sure.

It really was a wonderful afternoon - topped off with a post-show visit to Culver's for a fancy kid's meal complete with chocolate milk shake, and frozen custard. I also experienced a "first" ever in my life at Culver's. Betcha can't guess what it was.


  1. I remember doing this with my Grandmother every year the whole family would go..good times and she will never forgot eighter.

  2. She looks beautiful as usual,love the dress too. This is one of my fondest holiday memories growing up. I used to go every year with my mother to the Majestic Theatre. I now have a special edition Sugar Plum Fairy ornament that I hang on our family tree every is true she will never forget it!!!!
    Sounds like a wonderful night!!!!
    Hugs :), Heather S.

  3. Wow, so wish we lived closer! Looks lovely and she looks so happy about this special treat.

  4. How cool, I would love to see the Nutcracker live. Michaela looks darling in that dress. You should record her british accent for us to hear LOL

    Glad you all had a good time!

  5. Papalou treated HB, Princess and I to the Saturday night performance. They liked it. They didn't look near as girlie as Michaela. Very pretty.

    What was your first at Culver's?? Did they ask you where GfG was?
    Did you have a banana split?

    Oh, and I can *NOT* tell my husband about your turkey loaf. He currently likes you.


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