Monday, July 28, 2008

Quick Word

Still livin' easy here in MO.

Daddy arrived Saturday morning - was dropped off here by a company plane on the way to Osh Kosh for the big air show.

The kids have been so excited to see him. He only took four phone calls from work today. Things are a little dicey I guess - with his boss being canned last week and them putting him back on salary with promises of overtime still. He's just slightly on eggshells.

Tomorrow morning we leave early for a visit to the "local" osteo doc to likely have Zachary get his brace off and be released back to a normal life. You should see the hysterical photos of him swimming around with his left arm in the air like some sort of fleshy periscope... give him an inch...

After the doc appointment we're headed back to Branson and Silver Dollar City again. We have to do one of those silly time share lecture things, but we'll get free hotel for two nights if we endure it.

We should be back here either late Thursday night or early evening Friday - haven't decided yet. After that we'll have another week here before heading home. I've been told that some have asked if we're ever coming back! LOL! Of COURSE I'm coming back... My scrappy stuff is back there!!! :0)

My gramma and one of my aunts head back to California Sunday morning. It should be a busy weekend here. My cousin from NYC is supposed to be in for a couple of days. We haven't seen my KC cousins yet - dunno if we will or not. Why is it that I feel so much guilt about not visiting family if I get this close (three hour drive) to them??? But they never feel the same guilt over visiting us - in fact they NEVER have.

Still T-Tapping. Only three inches lost this last week for a total of 15. I have been enjoying my vacation's like being on a cruise...

More frightfully interesting information later...


  1. Hi to all - have a fun vacation! Miss you all!

  2. Glad all is going good....keeping fingers crossed for your hubby to get a somewhat real vacation with you all. Tell Periscope Boy I hope he gets to have a great and "normal" (whatever that is remember I am not normal ha ha ha) rest of summer.
    TTYS....:)Hugs, Heather S.


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