Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's Just Ignore...

that weight loss ticker for a bit... In case you didn't notice - it says "hasn't been updated in 80 days - please update". Well... I haven't had the heart to move it UP and back down again... besides - all my passwords and sign in ID junque is at home... AND I deserve a free pass for the month of July...

First is Independence Day with it's hot dogs, potato salad, chips and ice cream.

My dog, Oscar, had his 3rd birthday on July 5. I had another hot dog in his honor.

Next is my wedding anniversary on the 8th. We've been happily married for 10 years now - not too bad for 18 total (giggle snort). This was our first year ever apart on our anniversary. So I had to go the "comfort food" route. He promises to make it up to me when he gets that outta count some calories too...

Then we spent 3 days at Silver Dollar City and funnel cake is the staple diet there...along with frozen lemonades. Not my fault.

My dad and husband both celebrate their birthdays on the 10th. Celebration = food, whether we're together or not.

My sister cats had their 3rd birthday on the 13th. I wasn't thinking of them - but did eat badly in their honor.

Then my son had an 11th birthday yesterday - had to make him the lemonade cheesecake pie he requested. Again, not my fault. I did make a sugar/fat free (`cept for the graham cracker crust and cool whip with chocolate shavings on top...) chocolate pie too. The leftovers are quite good for breakfast...

My twin aunts celebrate their (muffle muffle) birthday on Saturday. Twin doses of cake and ice cream will be had following a grilled dinner.

There is some good news here... I HAVE been doing my T-Tapp workouts every day (since Sunday) and already I have a measurable difference in the right direction. I'm also exercising in the water - I hate touching the muddy bottom, so I have to tread all the time - and if we go out in the boat I must tighten and hold everything in an attempt not to end up bruised by my own flailing body parts.

So let's just ignore that little ticker until i get home with my scale again...


  1. Well your doing better then me..and I don't have any of those "excuses".

    Way to TAPP!

  2. I am laughing my tushy off....don't you wish that was possible cause we could get skinny fast. I think you are very creative there with them excuses if nothing else. I haven't Tapped in over a month but I am walking EVERYWHERE so with all that exercise and the heat I don't think I need anything more for the time being. I will ignore the ticker as long as you want me to ;)
    :) Heather S.

  3. I finally gave up checking your blog while you are gone and then I find all of this!
    First of all, miss you!!
    Secondly, I think the ticker should be on vacation!
    Thirdly, keep having a blast!

    in Him,


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