Friday, August 8, 2008

Riding the 8 Ball

08/08/08. How many weddings do you think will take place today? Did the brides pick today for ''luck'' or just in an attempt to assist the groom in remembering the date? My young sis in law (still two years older than me...) was married for the third time on 7/7/07. I still say they should have flown to Vegas and been hitched by an Elvis. We we're married on 7/8/90. At the time I thought it was terribly clever.

The olympics also begin this evening. I can't put my finger on it exactly - but I'm just not that excited about the games this time around. Maybe it's just the lack of commercial exposure I've had in the last nearly six weeks, being away from television and the internet. I'm just not hyped about it perhaps.

So what am I doing on this monumental date??? I'm trapped in a minivan, stuffed to the gills with junque necessary for life away from home, with my three cherubs, my darling husband, and our quiet little mutt snoring softly in my lap.

I send you these greetings from I-44 west, mile marker 10.8. They make it easy for you to let the tow truck know where you are here - marking every two tenths of a mile. Missouri's tax dollars at work...

With any luck, I'll be in my own bed by 3 a.m. (or so)


  1. So does that mean you will be joining us all for the get together Monday evening?? :)Hugs, Heather S.

  2. My cousin was married on 8/8/08 in the town square. Check out the pix on my blog.


  3. So you need to start posting some stuff and pix on the summer...before school is here...LIKE NOW!

    Sides..I'm ready for some laughs at your expense..I know,I know...I'm a good friend! hehehe

  4. Glad you're home safe and sound! It will be nice to get back to talking on a weekly basis again!

  5. HOW many times you gonna make me read this post?!


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