Monday, May 5, 2008

Rejoice With Me! The Lost Is Now Found!!

Those of you that have been praying about this may now stop.

Like the "parable-ic" woman of Luke chapter 15, I have lit my lamp and swept my house (mostly...) in search of my lost tin of yummy Pirouette cookies filled with a smooth hazelnut/chocolate cream.

If you hadn't heard - I received them from my sweet friend, Naomi, three days shy of a full month ago! I brought them home, made myself a comfy spot on the couch in front of the TV, and as is my practice, opened them quietly so as not to "disturb" my babies and their daddy with the rattling of the packaging. When one of them quietly slipped into the room I quickly covered the can with a blanket and decided that I'd better find a better hiding place, lest I have to share them later. So as soon as whomever it was left the room, I uncovered the pretty little can and hid it. And I hid it WELL!

A day or two later, I got a hankering for those crisp delights and went looking in my usual spots. They were nowhere to be found, and I was beginning to believe that I'd actually made them up! I looked everywhere - even places I was sure that they weren't, and sometimes twice - in the places I was sure they weren't!

Finally, today they were found in the last place I looked (der) and I'm shocked that nobody else found them before me!

Where? You ask... in the back of my bedside table drawer. And how did I come to find them there??? I was hiding something else... (der again...)

I know, I know... it's been a long time since I updated my blog and that's the BEST I can do???
Be patient with me... it's been a very busy time around here. I spent the better part of last week preparing for a National Scrapbooking Day party which I hosted yesterday. We had a very good time and as soon as I'm sent some better photos than the ones that I took I'll make a blog entry for it. I do have another fault you may not be aware of (I do try to keep them out there and visible for all to see, though...) I'm terrible at taking photos when hosting an event, party, whatever. I'm great when someone else is hosting, but pretty much drop the ball when I'm at bat. I need to get it together and just ask someone else to be in charge of doing that for me!

More will come - but it will take me a day or two, as I'm trying to do the right thing around here and focus on the kids and their edumacation every now and then...


  1. Oh, that's super hilarious. Know why? Remember Sunday I told you I found some cookies I forgot that I had even hidden? Guess where they were! In the back of the drawer of my bedside table!!!!!
    Obviously we don't use those tables enough to think of them. They are mostly for decoration and to hold my cup of middle of the night water when I have a nursing baby.

    love ya!

  2. Hey were you hiding the new cookies ;) ;)....BTW I need to get the shots you took at my gals' bday party cause I wasn't holding my camera at the time.

  3. I thought that married people used the bedside table to hide OTHER things in. I really wouldn't know because I'm not married, but I just thought. . .


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